Five Tips To Care For Your Leather Bag

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Getting that brand new leather bag is truly exciting. We all love the look, feel, and even the smell of fresh leather. However, nothing beats the warm familiarity of broken in leather that we’ve had for years.

The personal connection that we develop over time with our precious items cannot be replicated easily. That’s why our leather bags are designed to last a lifetime. We want you to have something you can truly call your own and have a lasting relationship with. And like any relationship, a little TLC is required, here are five important tips from our experts:
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1. Protect your bag.

Over time, leather products will develop a natural patina the more they are carried. By allowing your handbags to age naturally, you will help reveal its inner beauty and make it stand out. Use a high quality leather protectant to protect your bag against accidental stains. Check out some of our products  here.

2. Clean your bag at least once a year.

Cleaning your bag isn’t just good for hygiene, it also takes care of buildup and germs on the leather so its natural character shows through. Ideally, your leather bags should be cleaned once a year to help prolong its life. Make sure you take it to a trusted specialist.

3. Soften the leather.

Over time, high quality leather bags become buttery-smooth on their own. Fortunately, you can speed up this process to achieve this desirable characteristic. Lay your bag on a flat surface, roll it up starting from the bottom. Roll it again starting from a different side. Carefully turn your bag inside out and roll it again.

4. Seek experts to treat stains.

No matter how careful you are, accidents from wine and grass to ink and grease can ruin your leather bag’s surface. Removing these stains can be very difficult and can even ruin your bag if you do not know what you are doing. Visit a leather specialist to have your leather bag stains removed as soon as possible.

5. Let it age gracefully.

Leather bags should last a lifetime. As it ages, leather shows natural wear and tear which can give it a unique look. Scratches, creases, and darkening are to be expected as your leather breaks in over time. How you carry you bag is how it will age, making it especially personal. You can even take the extra step by adding a monogram.

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