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Flat head along with Bream and Whiting are the bread and butter fish of our bays and estuaries.

The largest of the flat head is the Dusky Flat head  Platycephalus fuscus.

Flathead will take a variety of baits from small bait to soft plastics and lures, pink being a very popular colour with flathead fisherman.

Flat head move in and out of the shallows with the tide.

They can be found in less than a meter of water and in deep rop off's and either side of shoals. Some see the flathead as a lazy opportunist lazing on the bottom untill a tasty tidbit falls into its mouth. This couldn t b further from the truth, I've seen a hungry flat head chase a bait up from some depth to get a feed.

If you are a land based flathead fisherman take a walk along the shore line at low tide. Keep an eye out for odd impression in the san tha may resemble and odd foot shape being wide at one end and narrow at the other, hence the shape of the fish. This is s sure sign flathead are in the area and a good place to fish.

When fishing for flat head I tend to use a 4/0 hook with a pink plastic sleeve fitted over the line. The long shank hook enables easier handling as flat head have sharp gill spike that cause a lot of pain and some blood lose.

If you catch a fish and intend to eat it (check local guides for size and bag limits) check the gut to see what the fish has been eating, this is always helpful when securing local baits.

Remember only  take waht youi need and release what you dont need.


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