Flood Lamp Buying Guide

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Flood Lamp Buying Guide

Extra lighting is sometimes essential in areas of the Australian outback. Additional lights on cars and trucks can help a great deal, not only for seeing at night, but also working outside in dense shrubs, or for warning off criminals and predators. This means that there are plenty of reasons to install a flood lamp on a vehicle. Buyers should research the many types of flood lamps available before choosing which one to buy. Consider the power source and ensure that there is not an unnecessary burden on the battery of the vehicle. Also take into account the types of bulb, as not all types provide the same level of illumination. Flood lamps for cars and truck can be bought from auto stores and online and at eBay.

Benefits of Flood Lamps

Flood lamps offer a number of benefits when installed on a car or truck. They provide a greater level of light when compared to ordinary vehicle lighting, which can be helpful when driving at night or during the day in a poorly lit area, like dense shrubs in the bush. High intensity flood lamps on a car or truck can cut through a foggy night making it safer to drive. Flood lighting is also useful for security. Using the lights when driving around a large ranch can alert criminals and wild animals to the presence of the vehicle.

Types of Flood Lamps

There are different types of flood lamps. Some can be used for vehicles, whereas others attach to buildings and include features related to when and how the lights turn on. These lights can be automatic, preset, or can use an infrared sensor.


Photocells are used in automatic lights. These cells are tiny sensors that register light levels. When the daylight gets to a certain low level, the cells automatically turn on the flood lamps. These can be a poor choice because they remain on for a long period of time, wasting energy and increasing light pollution.

Preset Timers

Flood lamps can be connected to a timer that turns them on at a preset time. They can be used to provide extra light a few hours after dark, or can be set to switch on at different times of the night so that it appears as if a building is occupied.

Infrared Motion Sensor

Infrared motion sensor lights can detect non-visible light waves. When movement is registered by the sensor it triggers the flood lamps to turn on. This feature is preferred by many because it activates lights when there is movement and switches them off after the movement has stopped.

Power Sources for Flood Lamps

Before buying flood lamps, consider the power source. Most exterior lighting systems get their power from household supplies, but there are also solar lights that charge during the day and switch on at night. Vehicle batteries provide the power for flood lamps attached to a car or truck.

Solar Power

Flood lamps using solar power have a panel attached to the top of the lamp housing or a separate panel nearby. These panels absorb solar energy and reduce the reliance on mains power. These panels store that energy in large batteries that provide it to the flood lamps. Solar power is a good option in Australia where panels get plenty of light.

Electrical Power

Flood lamps connected to a mains electrical system burn brighter than those using solar power because they can get an unlimited amount of energy. This is a good option for systems that use high intensity bulbs or that are left on for long periods of time. Electrical systems can also be more expensive, so it may be better to run the flood lamps with an infrared sensor to save power.

Battery Power

Flood lamps installed on cars and trucks run on the vehicle's battery. Drivers may be able to install additional backup batteries to provide the level of energy required for powerful lamps. Most of the time a standard battery is sufficient to run two extra front flood lamps without draining it. Drivers do need to be aware of how long the lights stay on, especially if in a remote location where it is not possible to recharge the car battery.

Types of Bulbs for Flood Lamps

Flood lamps use a variety of bulbs, with different levels of efficiency and intensity. Bulbs offer a range of features and benefits.

Light Emitting Diodes

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) provide intense light for a low power usage. Historically, they have been more expensive because they are new technology, but the price is coming down. The light they produce is more focused and can be a bit harsh.

Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are one of the oldest types available. When electricity is run through the filament contained in the bulb, it heats up and produces light. Incandescent bulbs have a limited lifespan and usually need to be replaced annually. They are not as efficient at producing light as other bulbs, but they are cheap and readily available.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs are more energy efficient than other bulbs, except for LEDs. They work by heating up gases contained within the bulb. When the gas is agitated by electricity it released photons. Fluorescent bulbs can last up to 7 to 10 years. They also produce bright light in all directions.

Halogen Bulbs

Security lamps use halogen bulbs for a very bright, intense light. The bulbs are filled with halogen gas that releases light when agitated by electrical energy. These bulbs stay bright from the day they are new until the end of their lifespan, so there is no gradual dimming.

Halide Bulbs

Halide bulbs are filled with a gas of the same name. They have a long lifespan compared to other light sources, but not as long as LED and fluorescent bulbs. They produce more light per watt of energy than other types of bulbs, so they are very intense. Halide lights are generally used for security systems.

How to Buy Flood Lamps on eBay

You can buy flood lamps on eBay from a range of businesses and individual sellers. Search by using the eBay search engine. This engine can look through the thousands of listings on eBay in seconds and returns the matches in a results page. Use keywords, such as "car flood lamps" to find a particular product. Once you get your listings you can further narrow them down using the refinements options, such as price and condition. There is also the option of looking at the eBay Deals section of the site. These deals are selected by the site and offer great discounts, and some even have free delivery. Before buying flood lamps, read the information provided by the seller. Check the seller's feedback ratings to see whether he or she offers good products and customer service.


Flood lamps have a range of uses in addition to security and outdoor lighting. They can be fixed to cars and trucks to make it easier to drive at night or in areas dominated by dense shrubs. Flood lamps can have timers and automatic sensors that switch them on under certain conditions. Light sensors activate the lamps when the light levels drop and motion detectors switch the lights on whenever there is movement within the sensor's range. Buyers can also search for specific types of flood lamps from LEDs to incandescent bulbs. Halogen and halide produce large amounts of light. eBay makes it easy to search for the right flood lamps and offers listings from a wide range of sellers.

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