Football Boots / Soccer Boots

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Football Boots / Soccer Boots

By Mathew Ryan (matryan1 - Owner of the eBay store, Elite Athletic Footwear)

There are numerous football codes all over the world, that people enjoy playing and participating in.  Football codes, such as: AFL (Australian Rules Football), soccer, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Irish Gaelic Football and Gridiron (American Football).  All of these games have different rules and equipment, but there is one thing that all of the footballers from these codes have in common, their "Boots"!

Football boots are the most important part of any footballers equipment in any football code.  In this guide I will present some of the popular football boots that players use at club level.

Adidas Predito II TRX HG:

Are very popular football boots as they are both durable and functional.  " I use these boots myself and they are comfortable and provide fantastic grip on hard ground surfaces, which is really important to all footballers".  They also have the looks of a footy boot that an elite footballer would wear and have several features, which are:

*A tongue lace cover flap featuring the Adidas logo

* Asymmetrical loop lacing designed for better ball contact

*Synthetic upper lining for comfort and fit

*EVA (insole) for comfort and fit

*Traxion for excellent maneuverability on hard ground and;

* Traxion HG (outsole) for durability, comfort and grip on hard ground surfaces.


Adidas Predito PS TRX HG:

Are the newest model of the "Adidas Predito Football Boot" range.  They are classic and sleak looking football boots, which are very similar in appearance to the boots that David Beckham wears.  Not only are these football boots handsome but they also have many features, which are:

*Asymmetrical loop lacing designed for better ball contact

*Synthetic and durable lining and cushioning for player comfort

*Traxion for superb grip on hard grounds

*A tongue lace cover flap featuring the Adidas logo and;

*A durable Traxion (R) HG cleated outsole.

Adidas +F5.7 TRX HG:

Are functional, durable and practical football boots that are very sleek and eye catching in appearance.  Streamlined and uncluttered in design, these boots feature:

*A tongue lace cover flap with the Adidas logo

*Synthetic and durable lining to provide comfort and;

*A molded Traxion outsole to ensure fantastic grip on natural firm surfaces.


I hope that this football / soccer boot guide has helped you by giving you an insight of a few of the popular football boots going around and what they feature.  "Remember a footballer's most important piece of equipment are his / her boots".

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.  If you would like to purchase a pair of football boots I have discussed in this guide please feel free to visit my eBay store, Elite Athletic Footwear. 

(If by chance I don't have the boots you desire listed in my store, please email me and i'll list it immediately for you).

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