Ford Engine Buying Guide

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Ford Engine Buying Guide

Ford is one of the big names amongst automotive companies worldwide, with vehicles used everyday by drivers everywhere. Ford vehicles last for many years, and people use them well past the date that they should be consigned to scrap. Part of the reason for the popularity and endurance of Ford as a brand is because of Ford engines, which have a reputation for reliability. It is for this reason that, when it comes time to buy a new car, most Ford owners elect to simply replace the engine on the existing car.

Ford engines are available in many places, including auto body shops, junkyards, and online through websites such as eBay. Before buying a Ford engine, it is helpful to be aware of the different types of engines and what one should look for when buying a used engine. With the right amount of information, buying a Ford engine becomes an easier process.

Determine What Kind of Engine is Needed

While Ford engines are intended for use in Ford vehicles, this does not mean that they are all interchangeable. In some cases, the engine may be the same for similar vehicles, but engines change over time and new models appear often. One way to determine what kind of engine is needed is to take note of the model and year number of the car that is in need of an engine. In some cases, the owner's manual is a valuable resource as well in determining the type of engine required. Engines can be purchased new, although used Ford engines are a popular purchase as well.

Using the Vehicle Identification Number

Another means of determining which engine is needed involves the Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN number. This number is found on all cars and makes each vehicle unique. While this is an important function of the VIN number, it also contains important information about the vehicle's history, such as the kind of engine it uses. In a Ford, the eighth number in the VIN sequence refers to the engine. Finding an engine from a car with the same eighth number is a good way to ensure that the engine can work.

Buying a Used Ford Engine

For the most part, a Ford engine that is purchased online might be in used condition. Used engines can be dependable, based on the model chosen. In some cases, a used engine may have been in a car that was damaged otherwise, but with the engine still intact. However, one needs to exercise caution when buying a used engine, and it is important to ask questions of the seller to verify the condition of the engine. When purchasing a used engine from an online source, it is important to obtain pictures of the engine under consideration.

Colour of the Ford Engine

One guideline that applies to Ford engines is that the colour of the cast blocks can reveal how well an engine was maintained. When it is newly built, the blocks are a silver colour. If the engine is maintained well, this colour should remain, and a used engine with this silver colour is considered a safe investment. As the blocks begin to corrode, they start to take on a brownish colour. Initially, it looks more golden than brown and ends up a brownish-cream colour. This is partially the result of oil drying and corroding the metal. It is better to avoid purchasing a used engine that reveals these changes.

Remanufactured vs. Rebuilt Ford Engines

Many used engines are labelled as either remanufactured or rebuilt. While many mistakenly assume that these two words mean the same, remanufactured refers to an engine that has been taken apart, cleaned, repaired, and put together again. This is usually done by authorised or expert mechanics. While a remanufactured engine can be more expensive than a regular used engine, the quality is usually higher. Rebuilt is a term that is often thrown around when people are buying used engines. While it ostensibly means the same thing as remanufactured, it may mean that is was simply repaired, and in some cases, it is used when nothing at all has been done to the engine.

Perform a Vehicle Check

The Internet has made it much easier to learn about a vehicle's history. Since every engine has a VIN number associated with it, this number can used in order to research a specific engine before buying it. A vehicle check can reveal the number of kilometres on an engine and how many owners it has had. It should also reveal whether or not the car had any accidents or major repairs.

Warning Flags When Purchasing a Used Ford Engine

When buying a used engine, one must look for warning flags so as to avoid investing in an engine that does not work. Some warning flags are fairly obvious, such as a major oil leak or serious physical problems. However, one must look for subtle things as well.

Rust is one of the significant issues in a used engine. Rust in an engine can cause it to seize up at an inopportune time and run less efficiently. Even a small hint of rust can mean there is more rust inside the engine. Cars deteriorate faster in wet climates and coastal areas. Salt in the air near the coasts can make rust appear faster. Therefore, learning about where an engine has been used is helpful in avoiding the purchase of one without rust.

It is a good idea to ask the seller how the engine runs. If the seller can establish that the engine runs well and has no obvious problems, then it should be a good buy. If there are odd noises, or the engine produces smoke, it indicates a problem that may not be easily solved. Keep in mind that, in the case of older engines, it is okay if the engine leaks slightly.

How to Buy a Ford Engine on eBay

One can find engines for different vehicles, including older Ford cars, on eBay. A great way to find the right engine for a Ford is to use the search bar located on any eBay web page or browse through deals on automotive parts. You can begin your search here by simply entering a search term associated with what you are looking for.

A general search term, such as 'Ford engine', produces a listing of the engines that are currently on sale on the website. You may also modify this search term and include more specific terms in order to find an engine for a particular model of Ford. Before purchasing an engine on eBay, it is important to carefully read the product description. You should be able to find out details about the engine's history and look for indications of potential problems. It is also important to contact the seller via email to get clarifications, such as the VIN number, in order to run a vehicle check.


Many consumers are loyal to their Ford vehicles and choose to keep their vehicles in good condition for as long as possible. For this reason, Ford engines, even used ones, are highly sought after. When looking for a Ford engine, it is important to determine what type of engine is needed.

Each car has a different engine, and a way to determine if an engine is right for a specific car is to research its VIN number. One can also use this VIN number to run a vehicle check and get as much information as possible about the engine in question. A vehicle check provides important insights into a car's history and makes it easier to avoid warning flags. Additionally, when purchasing a used Ford engine, the buyer should take the time to look for visible defects that can represent potential problems. A consumer who knows what to look for when purchasing a Ford engine can avail of the large selection of engines on eBay.

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