Ford Remote key Falcon BA BF AU1 AU2 AU3 Repair BUTTONS

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Are you having problem with Worn key buttons or Pad in your FORD Remote?

Designed and Made in Australia  - top quality SILICONE PADS.

 Our Silicone pads are made from Medical grade Silicone. The only Silicone that does not degrade over time. You can trust Australian Quality product.

It is Truly Australian product invented designed and  manufactured by West Australian company. Very innovative improved, registered design with raised locators for precision pressing.  

You do not have to re program your existing remote just follow replacement instructions and SAVE.  All replacement instructions are included in our polmex-buttons store .

We have just added Silicone Repair pad for Ford Falcon, Mondeo, Territiory, BF, Focus ...



Our polmex-buttons or Repair Pads for series AU1, AU2, AU3 -BA BF Falcon, Fairmont, Fairlane, Ghia -Territory Wagon Sedan and Ute are the cheapest option to revamp your worn remote.


Please Note:  Remote buttons (rubbers) in most remotes are made from flexible plastic called elastomer. When buttons age, material they are made of (with exception of LSR Silicone) breaks down and oily substance comes out clogging switches. Remote key still works but buttons are becoming less responsive and work randomly. This is very prevalent in Ford remote. If you are experiencing problem with your switches then We advise that switches are cleaned first before new Pad is fitted. Please follow instructions as below:

Instructions for Pad Replacement and cleaning switches

  1. Use small flat screw-driver to open remote key on the split line and to separate it into two parts
  2. Remove Worn key pad to expose electronic board
  3. Remove electronic board from hard shell, place it on paper towel and clean switches as specified in instruction below:

Instructions for Cleaning Switches

To clean switches you would need Isopropyl alcohol (also known as Rubbing Alcohol or Isopropanol) which can be purchased in Australia from local chemist, Dick Smith or Mitre 10. Approximate cost of 100 ml is $10. If Isopropanol is hard to get you can substitute it with tea tree oil.

  • Use wooden skewer or toothpick to dip it in Isopropanol
  • Place couple of drops on the top of switches in your remote key
  • Keep pressing switch a few times till it starts positively clicking
  • Wipe excess of alcohol of with cotton bud and repeat the same process
  • After couple of rounds of cleaning, your switches should unblock and become more responsive.

After cleaning switches stretch Replacement Silicone Pad over electronic board 

  1. Press fit new replacement pad in top part of hard shell
  2. Place top part of hard shell with fitted new pad over the bottom part and press firmly till remote closes
  3. Test your remote with the new buttons fitted in

Once replacement is finished, remote will work straight away without any need for re-programming

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