Framing for Paintings~~

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For all those  people  who love ART!

By using a ornate frame, believe it or can bring out

the  small painting, and give a 'plentifull-look'...for Painting and frame a like.

Choosing your right frame is fun, and it really needs your time.Don't buy the cheepest one you can find.I have been painting and framing for over 25 years now,

and  'wild' frames can be  JUST THE TRICK....So explore, and have a lot of fun doing it!...If you have some very old wood lying around...with moss on it and holes, take and have a frame made up.!..Looks  mad on a wall...It really is one of the best ways to dress up any wall, after all''Its YOUR WALL''!! and it sure will

be a conversation starter...In the end...A frame tells the story too...not just the painting. So give some thought, and yes-you can buy frame like the ones showen in this guide, be mischievous, and ignore those dreadful dark brown $2. frames!!

Even if you have to pay  more for the frame than you did for the painting,  if it suits and you like it, and fits  your artwork~~~Go for it~~~after all, you have to look at it.

Having a frame made up, is not as expensive as you may think.                 

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