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I can only talk from my experiences, not what someone has told me.

Everyone you meet will have varying opinions on how to grow frangipani's, what is worthy of selling and when to sell.  There is not one right way, from experience we all find what is right for us. Our climate, soil, location and how we water and fertilise is different for all us.

I am not an expert, each day I learn a little more, it is an eternal quest. I just simply live & love for  Frangipani's. I have been growing & selling frangipani's for many years. I have gleaned much of my experiences from my own success and major mistakes. Also, sharing with other growers, collectors and customers certainly is an invaluable help, however in the long run only you can learn your way.

I am not about to tell you when is the right time to grow frangipani's as I have grown in tropical, sub tropical and now temperate Victoria, all do vary. What I can say is those I grew inside during winter far surpassed my summer growing specimens. Their stems were thicker and they tended to be hardier.  So there is no telling. I also transported many young seedlings way under 10 cms tall, barerooted in moist conditions for 2 weeks and they survived without an issue.Obviously  I have background knowledge that aids me in a 'gut' feeling as to what frangipani's will tolerate. It is always an eternal learning journey.

My pet hate is people selling things where they have created the fake images and then onsell knowing full well they have cheated. I have had people buy bulk white seeds from me early in my business and then found out they were selling them using many of my other images claiming they were my rarer varieties. Those of us who have sold for some time are aware of this, especially the avid collectors who really know their stuff. They watch Ebay like a hawk and will advertise fraud on the Australian frangipani group to protect themselves and the reputation of frangipanis.

I have shown graphic examples of many of the issues on my website. Just do a search and you will find me.

Cheers Chris
Frangipani Heaven
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