Fraud Detector & Safe Trading Guide

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Trade safe on Ebay without Fraud

Welcome, this is guide to help members trade safely & enjoy ebay. It's about detecting fraudulant auctions, emails & other nasties some people will goto in order to get your money. Take it from someone who has been through losing money in an auction & a long time ebay member. The following topics will help you trade safe on ebay.


  • NEVER TRADE OUTSIDE OF EBAY. It's risky, you have no security from ebay & face it you have never met the person. (This is how I got caught out). This is ok though if your buying say a car in the same state.
  • TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS! An example is I saw an expensive laptop for buy it now for $10. What they were selling was information (not good info too, I must say).
  • READ THE AUCTION CAREFULLY. Sounds silly, but an example is I saw an X-Box for sale, the description said "X-Box, great condition box". The person was selling a box.
  • ASK QUESTIONS FIRST. Yes, postage is not always stated, pictures can be fuzzy. Ask for more or you might get ripped off on postage (sad but some sellers make cash from it) or something dodgy.
  • CHECK FEEDBACK. Make sure you check the sellers feedback & ensure you also check the items he/she sold before to get an idea of wether or not they are trustworthy. Most are but then some are not.


If ever you get an email from ebay or paypal, usually asking for your user information or a liknk to another page asking for information DO NOT DO IT. Ebay or Paypal would NEVER ask you for personal details or your user id's in an email. Report it straight away to This is where a fraud is trying to either steal your identity on ebay to off load non-existant products, or take your money from your paypal account. Most emails detect it's junk but not all do so be careful.

This goes for rule 2, if it looks too good to be true it likely is. Check for things like a high end item going at such a low price with free worldwide shipping. If your not too sure if it's fake check the following:
  • Feedback: A Stolen Identity auction is when someone else takes over another ebay users identity. You can tell if you check the sellers feedback, click on some of the items that have been sold & you might see something funny. The seller has different user id's on each item they have sold. This is becoming more rare, but if you see this, report it to ebay, so you can help other ebayers (newbies mostly) from losing their money.
  • If the feedback seems ok & fine, then he could be honest. The other thing to do is you can ask a question THROUGH EBAY (make sure it via ebay). Ask the seller about postage, if it's a fake auction then the real seller might reply & let you know his identity has been stolen, then you might get an email from the fraud with a superb cheap offer for the item & to send money though wire transfer or paypal. DONT DO IT! Goes back to rule 2.
Sometimes when your selling a high ticket item, you can get some annoying emails, asking you if they can buy your item for double or even triple the amount it's worth (happened when I was selling a laptop), they will ask of they can pay via Paypal with a credit card which will always turn out to be stolen. Dont bother replying as it can get you into a lot of trouble.

Yeah it really sucks I know personally.
if you do get caught out not all is lost you can do the following:
  • Report it to ebay & try to work with them and the seller to resolve the problem.
  • If it's a lost package without tracking or registration you will need to get the seller to talk to the Post Service to lodge a report. Most sellers will do this, some will email you a photo of the receipt to prove they sent it, but if you doubt they did or they aren't replying then report them to ebay.
  • If you bought outside of ebay (Dont ever!) then report it to the police, they might not help much but they might.
  • You can keep all the emails from the seller & try track him/her down. You can use the bank or email details to track him or her down. I wont go in detail as it's not the easiest thing to do but if you want info please email me.
I'm always on the lookout to see whats new in the fraud industry & will be adding more fraud detectors & safe trading tips very soon. Lukily from when  I started on ebay fraud has reduced dramatically & ebay has gone the steps to make sure it's safe. I hope my guide has helped & not scared you, I just wanted to give ebayers some insight before bidding. I'd like to thank the majority of honest ebayers who make ebaying fun. REMEBER YOU CAN TELL A FAKE WITH COMMON SENSE! (gut feeling is also helpful).

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