Free protection programs online for your computer.

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I thought I would list some programs and a website that you can find via the internet and download to help with the running of your computer, all are freeware or have free versions available. All can be found online by doing a  search, I just give you the name, you look it up  :)

 ( Remember that you should run only one firewall and preferably only one antivirus program at one time to prevent conflicts, though you can run online safety scanners whilst running most programs including antivirus programs without problems occuring ).


AVG antivirus

AVG antispyware

Avast antivirus

Zonealarm firewall

Comodo firewall

Agnitum firewall

Sunbelt/Kerio firewall

Clamwin antivirus

Antivir antivirus personal edition

Spyware Terminator -  free antispyware with real time shield, personal choice of having clamwin antivirus inclusive.

Spybot Search and Destroy - free antispyware and prevention

Spyware Blaster - spyware prevention

windows defender - free antispyware ( microsoft )

Ad-aware SE personal - free antispyware


DG defragmenter

CWshredder  - finds and cleans certain hard to get rid of spyware off your computer

Website - Windows live onecare safety scanner. ( Run regularily a must have website )









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