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Of all the things you can't find on eBay smiles can not be found for sale. Why? Cause they are free silly!

Purse the lips slightly - a pushing back motion of the lips is achieved - that my friends is the start of a smile.

The second stage is where you or most of you will feel an inclination to graze the back of your lips

against your teeth. Although sometimes this would seem to be more of a sneer , the edges of the mouth

will lift at the corners - thus the onset of a truly great smile.

Now I know most of you would shake your head at this, at least one of you will sniggle - another the beginnings of a

giggle, and more the onset snort of a laugh.

Whats this ro do with eBay - well while you wait to update your bidding - this will while away the time


If this guide leads one person the smile - then I am happy

By the way - this is my picture


See, I knew you would smile ! Gotcha !


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