Frequently Asked Questions

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Here at Low Cost Wire, we know there’ll be lots of questions. Please choose one of the categories below, most appropriate to your query, for some frequently asked questions.  Don’t worry if you can’t find what you need!

You can always contact us.

Even try our newlive help feature, 1300 601 514. Our friendly staff are waiting to answer any questions you may have – we love to talk to real people.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is delivery?

Normally - its free. In the cases where its charged, then  we have weight based shipping charge for all locations in Australia. Please contact us if you would like a quote for delivery. Our policy is to ‘break even’ on shipping – you don’t want to pay it and we don’t make any money on it…

How long will my delivery take?

If your goods will be delivered by courier when we have an address. Its the cheapest and fastest method for both of us.  Delivery times vary from 1 day (Metro locations) to 4 days (remote locations) depending on location. If we have an postal address, then you are at the mercy of Australia Post.  It may take 1 to 10 days – again depending on your location – we HIGHLY recommend our courier service.

Okay, I bit off more than I can chew – what’s it cost to get your cool stuff installed?

We don’t do installations – but we have friends – and recommended Installers and Builders that we work with around Australia.  Builders will generally design, build and install both the deck / pergola / veranda etc.  For a full quote – please contact us for  our Recommended Installer in your area.

Clearly, we can’t quote something ‘sight unseen’ but if you have your deck / pergola / veranda already constructed, a  rough guide for  installation pricing of any of our DIY Kits is as follows:
  • Metal Posts (Aluminium & Steel) – $300.00 for the first lineal meter and $50 for each additional meter (or part there-of);
  • Wood / Timber Posts (Soft and Hardwood) – $250.00 for the first lineal meter and $50 for each additional meter (or part there-of);

How can I get a Low Cost Wire catalogue?

We do not produce a printed catalogue as we are a Low Cost on-line supplier.  Paper catalogues are SO 1962… Have a look on-line or give us a call – we love to help.

Where exactly is Low Cost Wire located?

Our main depot and store is in Warriewood, NSW. However we do have despatch outlets throughout Australia. If you want to come by and physically see the product – call us and arrange a time.  We run a working warehouse with forklifts and kilometers of wire and it is not a customer facing facility.  But we are friendly and happy to help – just call first (1300 601 514)

Are Low Cost Wire Products Quality Tested?

All of our products are AISI 316 (Marine) Grade Stainless Steel unless otherwise specified.  All our products are tested and certified to relevant and advertised standards.

Which Wire Balustrading kit do I need?

Each kit does exactly the same job. It simply depends on your post structures (wooden or steel), horizontal or vertical or angled placement, budget, time available, skills and most importantly how you want it to look. And we are happy to walk you through the decision process.

Which wire should I use?

The fittings which you are using will depict the wire type you will need. Firstly the size on the wire needs to match the fittings e.g, 3.2mm fitting needs a 3.2mm wire – sometimes referred to as 1/8 wire.

Then decide between 7×7, 7×19 or 1×19.

7×7 and 7×19 are both flexible wires and suitable for use with hand (mechanical) swaging wire kits.

1×19 is a more rigid wire suitable for use with hydraulic swaging wire kits.

Please note: We can do the hydraulic swaging for you for a small fee.

Does Low Cost Wire supply and install?

Low Cost Wire offers solely an order, supply and deliver service.

If you are in the Sydney Area and need a hand – we have been known to measure onsite for a quote. 

We are happy to recommend a number of Installers that are ‘tried and true’.

Although please feel free to fax (1300 601 914) through a birds eye drawing of the job you need completing and one of our helpful staff will call you back to discuss your options.

What are Balustrading Regulations in my area?

We can supply advice – however, your local council is your first place to start to find information about obtaining an owner-builder permit. 

Most local councils will have information available from their website, and you can also call them during office hours with any questions, or better still visit their office in person and speak to a planning officer and also pickup copies of any application forms you might need.

Can I buy safely on-line?

It is safe to buy online with Low Cost Wire Pty Ltd.  We are PayPal Certified and also operate an Anchor Store on eBay. 

We have been in the business for years and our positive feedback reflects our customers satisfaction.

Your personal data is held securely and used only in accordance with our privacy policy. No credit card details are kept by Low Cost Wire.

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