Fridge & Freezer maintenance Defrosting & Cleaning vent

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Does your fridge freezer or freezer look like an igloo? Does your box of Eskimo Pies have more snow cover than Alaska?
also watch out for your pets they love the smell

If so, it’s time to end the Ice Age and defrost it.
What You Need

Before you begin Mission Defrost, gather a large pot, that fits inside the freezer. So you don’t make too much of a mess, bring a few towels as well.
Turn the freezer off. Controls may be inside the refrigerator, or you can turn off at the plug

1 Remove ice in the freezer compartment. This can be done by:

a) letting the freezer door stand open until ice melts;

b) putting a pan of hot water in the freezer compartment and closing the door, then checking for melting ice and reheating the water every 10 to 15 minutes;

c) using a hair dryer by aiming warm air at ice in freezer until it melts be warned if you get to close you could damage you unit so only do this if you no what your doing!

2 Now it’s time to see if the ice attached to the freezer walls has loosened. If it has, gently pry it off. The ice should be loose enough to remove in chunks without punching holes in the freezer walls—or your fingers. If the ice is still stuck, repeat the process one more time and check the freezer walls again. Carefully dispose of the ice chunks and wipe the freezer walls clean with a rag, repeating the boiling water process as often as necessary to loosen any stubborn ice.
3 When you’re finished, be sure to replace the contents and switch it back on.


Never chip at freezer ice with ice picks or other sharp instruments.
If you use a hair dryer to melt ice, be aware that there is a risk of electrical shock if the dryer comes in direct contact with water or if you are standing in water on the floor and you can damage the unit if to close

 Now youve defrosted, you could also Clean the vents and condensor coils it will save you money and Energy

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Whether you have a Frost-Free or a conventional Refrigerator the condensor coils need to be cleaned. Depending on the make and model of your refrigerator, the coils will be located in one of two places, either on the back of the refrigerator or under the refrigerator behind the kick plate.
For Coils on the back: dusting and light cleaning is all that is needed in most cases, these coils will feel hot at the top and cooler as it goes down. This is normal.
For Coils Under the refrigerator: Remove the kick plate and gently vacuum the coils, be careful not to damage the tubing.


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