Front Glass Windscreen Buying Guide

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Front Glass Windscreen Buying Guide

The windscreen is one of the most important parts of the body of a car. It protects the driver from wind, debris, and other objects, and also allows drivers to see the road while it is raining. Unfortunately, debris from the road hitting the windscreen can cause the glass on the windscreen to crack or break. Sometimes the damage is small enough that it can be filled and repaired, but other times, the entire front glass of the windscreen needs to be replaced. Some windscreens are harder to source than others, especially for older cars. Additionally, many luxury and special edition vehicles have windscreen features that are not available for other types of cars. When shopping for glass to replace a windscreen, shoppers should take the time to familiarise themselves with the terms used to describe windscreens. From there, a shopper can find the best prices on windscreens and everything needed to complete the installation. Shoppers who want to find great deals on windscreens should be sure to browse the selection available on eBay.

Windscreen Glass Glossary

When shopping for glass for a windscreen, it is important to know all of the terminology used when describing windscreens. Not all windscreens for all cars are the same. Some windscreen have special features that a shopper must be mindful of in order to ensure compatibility with his vehicle. The table below provides some of the terms commonly associated with windscreens.



Acoustic Interlayer

Auto glass designed to reduce noise

Has a thicker layer of vinyl laminate

Anti-theft Glass

Stronger glass to prevent theft

Made of a layer of laminated glass and tempered glass that has been sandwiched together


Darkened border around the perimeter of the windscreen

Blocks the sun from the driver's eyes

Heated Wiper Area

Heated grid lines on the lower portion of the windscreen

Prevents wipers from getting stuck in freezing temperatures

Heads Up Display

Display on the inside of the windscreen

Shows speed and info from other instrumentation

Laminated Glass

Two pieces of glass with a layer of polyvinyl butyral in between

All windscreens are made from this type of glass

Light Sensor

Sensor on the windscreen that detects light

Signals the car to turn the headlights on

Solar Absorbing Glass

Blocks ultraviolet rays

Provides skin protection and keeps the interior of the car cool

Some of the terms listed in the table above, like laminated glass and frit, refer to features found in all windscreens. The others are less common and only pertain to certain types of vehicles. The less common terms are more important to be aware of than the more common terms because a car owner needs to know all of the features of their car's windscreen before making a purchase.

Finding the Right Glass for a Windscreen

Not all windscreens fit on all vehicles. Additionally, as seen in the table above, there are various features which set the different windscreens apart from one another. When shopping for glass for a windscreen, a shopper needs to find the windscreen that fits his make and model of car, as well as find glass that fits within his budget.

Car Make and Model

Not everyone is able to identify the type of glass used in their car's windscreen or the dimensions of the screen. To make shopping for glass easier, a shopper can narrow down the choices based on the car's make and model. Additionally, specifying the year is also important as body styles change from year to year. To ensure compatibility, many people buy original manufacturer (OEM) parts. However, third party manufacturers also produce windscreens that match car manufacturers' specifications. These third-party parts are often cheaper than OEM parts.

Used Windscreens

Used windscreens are another option for people who need to replace the front glass on their cars and do not wish to pay the high cost of new glass. Scrap dealers often have spare windscreens for sale. Unless the glass on the windscreen is chipped, cracked, or otherwise broken, it is still usable. A shopper should be sure to inspect the windscreen carefully before purchase to make sure that it is in top condition. In addition to looking for windscreens from private sellers and scrapyards, shoppers can also find used windscreen glass on eBay.

Parts and Materials Needed for Windscreen Installation

In addition to purchasing the glass to replace a front windscreen, a person must be sure to purchase what he needs to install the screen on the car. Fortunately, windscreens are relatively easy to install and do not require many tools. Aside from the glass, all that is required is a seal to go around the edge and adhesive to hold the glass in place.


The seal for a windscreen is a thick rubber piece that sits between the glass and the frame of the car. This seal may also be referred to as the locking strip, because it locks the glass into place. A special tool is needed to feed the strip into position around the glass. Seals come in many sizes depending on the type of car. Typically, the seals are available in thicknesses of 6 mm, 11 mm, 13 mm, and 16 mm. Likewise, the size of the installation tool needs to match the size of the seal.


Adhesives are necessary to secure the windscreen in place. Several types of adhesives are available for windscreens. One of the most popular choices is a urethane-based adhesive. This adhesive provides a strong bond and sets quickly. Once the windshield is installed and the glue is applied, a person is able to drive the car again in as little as one hour.

Windscreen Wipers

While the windscreen wipers are separate from the windscreen, it is a good idea for a car owner to inspect and replace the wipers as well. If the windscreen is damaged, then it is likely that the wipers have sustained some damage, too. In order to effectively clear water from the windscreen, the rubber on the wipers should be pliable with no cracks or tears.

How to Buy a Front Glass Windscreen on eBay

To find deals on windscreens on eBay, begin on the home page. Type keywords to describe the windscreen that you need into the search bar. Because windscreens only fit certain cars, be specific. For example, a search for "2006 toyota camry windscreen" is likely to prove more beneficial than a search for just "toyota windscreen". Once the initial results are returned to you, refine them further by selecting the condition or price range that you prefer. To save more money on your purchase, look for sellers who offer free postage or allow you to pick up the windscreen in person. Lastly, be sure to read the item description and view the pictures posted by the seller to make sure that you are purchasing the windscreen that you want.


The windscreen is one of the most important body parts of a car. Without it, drivers would have a hard time driving at high speeds or in the rain. The windscreen provides protection against wind and debris, and also ensure that drivers are able to see when it is raining. Thus, if the windscreen breaks or cracks, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible. If it is not possible to simply fill the crack or chip, a car owner needs to replace the entire front glass windscreen. Fortunately, shoppers have a lot of options when it comes to finding the windscreens that they need. While one can order the part directly from the manufacturer, a car owner can save money by shopping for windscreens made by third party manufacturers or by looking for used windscreen glass for his specific vehicle. Shoppers can find great prices on glass for windscreens on eBay.

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