Frustrating Feedback Awards

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Hello, dear readers.
Just thought I would share with you the rich tapestry that is the eBay feedback system and the frustration of sellers!
In honour of the unfathomable nature of some people's thought processes I have instigated The Frustrating Feedback Awards.
Let's start by explaining that feedback, when left for a seller, is meant to reflect the service provided by THE SELLER.... not the post office, not a courier company, but THE SELLER! 
The price, on auction items is governed by the bidders so, again, being unhappy with the price is not the seller's fault!  If you don't like the price don't bid! (Not rocket science).
One of my personal favourites is feedback that contains the words "I thought..."  There is a function called 'Ask seller a question'.  Use it if the description isn't detailed enough.
The following recipients will remain anonymous although, if you care to plough through my feedback pages you may find them
  • The "What more do you want?" award goes to the buyer who left a neutral rating with comment, "Received fast, cheap" for a $3.50 pair of metal earrings.  In my book that's a good thing!
  • The "Read the $%^@*## description!" award goes to the buyer who left a neutral rating with comment, "I was expecting a silver or other metal-based pendant" for an item clearly described as a rubber pendant.  I suppose I could have put in a flashing animated bad!
  • The "You can't please all of the people" award goes to the one buyer in 20 who commented with a neutral rating " Great communication, fast postage, earrings are a bit flimsy though".  19 other people were happy!
  • The "Semantics" award goes to the neutral feedback leaver who said, "This is a journal not a sketchbook as listed. Not what I expected. Thanks".  The item was a hard-covered book with thick white pages, same quality as in an art journal.  Size was clearly stated.  Obviously, one person's sketchbook is another person's journal.  At least this buyer was polite!
  • The "Australia Post's Feedback" award for my first negative feedback after 2 years and thousands of happy customers goes to....."The badge was broken upon arrival. Not happy with postage costs."  It left here in a padded bag and perfect condition, with postage charge of the princely sum of $1.00 plus 50c for the padded bag.  On top of this the buyer's OTHER purchase went free of charge in the same bag and the feedback for that was, "Arrived just as described. Thanx beebee!!!!!!!"  Even though the badge was damaged in transit I would have replaced it but not after ruining my perfect 100% score, that I had worked so hard to maintain, without ANY contact!
  • Runner-up in the above category was "Quick fast delivery, but product was slightly damaged by mailing progress".  Yet again I get the blame for the postal service's stuff-up!  I must have been in a good mood because, even though it wasn't my fault, I actually replaced this item.  The buyer was willing to retract the feedback but what's the point?  The comment stays forever.
  • The "Expect a miracle" award goes to my only other negative feedback leaver, "been over 2 weeks and nothing recieved".  This was an overseas bidder who failed to contact me before leaving feedback.  Australia Post advises 4-6 WORKING days but we all know that customs delays can occur.  I would have advised her on how to proceed but, again, not after that!  It arrived the day after she left feedback.
  • The "WHAT THE..????" award goes to today's ( at time of writing) gem! A neutral feedback from a buyer who bought and purchased by PayPal last night.  I posted the item today so, as far as I know, unless Aus Post has become mega-efficient in the last 24 hours, it's still in transit.  We exchanged polite emails and then I get "just happy to find the item i'd been looking for".   Go figure!!!!
Grand total : 3021 happy customers (not counting the many returning buyers), 6 neutral and 2 not happy.  Judge for yourself.
Moral of the story: COMMUNICATE BEFORE YOU LEAVE NEUTRAL OR NEGATIVE FEEDBACK.  Remember your feedback partner has right of reply!

**I hope this has given you an appreciation of sellers' frustration.  There are lots of us who really DO care about our buyers and want to do the right thing by them.  Hopefully it will make people think before leaving feedback.  Thanks for reading The Gothmother's little dummy spit.  Please give a "helpful" vote to keep this guide at the top of the list.  Cheers!

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