Fuel Savers???? Money Wasters!!!!

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Beware of the infamous "fuelsaving devices" that save 5%, 10 %, even 25% in fuel, or boast a "boost" of horsepower. In a nutshell they dont work. A simple way to look at is with all the car manufacturers fighting to earn your business, spending millions of dollars on making thier cars fuel efficient before they hit the road, wouldn't they fit these devices before they hit the showroom floor?

When looking for one of these "Miraculous" fuel davers that use "powers of Neodymium Magnets that seperate fuel particles", "Vortex generators giving you up to 35% more HP" or whatever un scientific claims, just do two things.

1. If you have the time, ask the seller to send you copies of thier "proof". My research found that most either dont reply or refer you back to thier listing. Not once have I ever had a seller refer me to any empirically tested or slightly scientific results.

2. Better still just google "Neodymium fuel saver myths" (354 results)  or "Aftermarket Fuel Saver Myths" (6570 results) - Of particular interest is a Popular Mechanics article that explains alot about how they dont work!

At the end of the day if it sounds to good to be true....it probably is. if your one of the sellers, well sorry if I offend you but show me some proof they work, or better still send me the product so I can test it, and if it works like you say I will retract this guide, invest $$$$ in your business, and promote it myself.

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