Full-Coverage vs. Demi Bras

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Full-Coverage vs. Demi Bras

Women have a great deal to choose from when it comes to brassiere styles. Brassieres, or bras, have been evolving since they were first introduced in the late 1880s. Today, many styles exist that are quite diverse in style. Two polar opposite bra types are the full-coverage bra and the demi bra. While the full-coverage bra offers an optimal amount of support and coverage, the demi-bra is seen as a "half" bra, with the upper part of the bosom exposed. Full-coverage and demi bras can be found at various brick and mortar stores, specialty shops, and online, at websites like eBay where there are always deals on popular fashion items. By looking determining the attributes of different types of bras, including full-coverage and demi bras, as well as comparing the two, customers can decide which brassiere best fits their needs. By outlining other similar options, customers have more options to choose from. Some bras may be better for certain situations, comfort levels, and breast shapes and sizes.

Types of Bras

There are many different types of bras, each offering its own desirable attributes. For some people, certain bras are more attractive than others. Specific purpose should be kept in mind when deciding on a type of bra, as well as the shape and size of the breasts. People may have preferences for certain materials, strap positions, and occurrence of underwire.

Bras tend to be defined by differences in cup structure. For example, contour cups keep their shape even when they are not worn. They give the wearer a symmetrical look to their breasts' shape and size. Minimiser cups make larger breasts appear smaller. They are also excellent for distributing the weight of heavy breast tissue. Petite cups, on the other hand, are constructed with the cups closer together to give the illusion of larger breasts and cleavage. These are just a few types of popular styles of brassieres. Two nearly polar opposite types of bras are the full coverage and the demi bra.

Full Coverage Bras

The full-coverage bra provides wearer a superlative level of support. The cups cover nearly the entire breast, from top to bottom. Since the breast is covered, it is very supported. This high level of support and coverage is attractive to many women, especially those with larger breasts. The centred straps attached to the cups also tend to not slip, like some other less balanced bras. Indentations where the cup meets the strap are also not likely to occur, due to the fabric covering all of the soft breast tissue. This makes it a great brassiere for active sports, as well as under tighter fitting shirts. However, it is not the best choice for shirts with a lower neckline, as the bra can be seen.

Demi Bras

The word "demi" is French for "half". Thus, demi bras typically expose the top half of the breast, usually starting at 2.5 centimetres above the nipple. Since the cup is smaller, the underwire is shorter, which can prove to be a good option for those suffering from underwire irritation.

The cups are most often positioned with the slight inward tilt to give the breasts a fuller look. This cleavage can be desirable for a more petite chested woman who would like the illusion of fuller breasts. Also, due to the "half" cup size, wearing a demi cup can be much more appropriate for smaller breasted women. Larger breasted women run the risk of spilling out of their demi bras, since the amount of support is diminished.

Comparing Full-Coverage and Demi Bras

It is thus quite apparent that full-coverage bras and demi bras are worlds apart. However, both are great options for different women. While one offers a greater amount of stability, the other has a sexier look. Likewise, while full coverage bras offer less strap slippage, demi bras have a smaller underwire that can cause less irritation. The following chart outlines some of the battling attributes of these two types of bras.

Full Coverage Bras

Demi Bras

Better structure for large-breasted women

Better structure for small-breasted women

More coverage

Less coverage

Less possibility of inconsistent breast shape due to creasing

Higher possibility of breast tissue spilling over the top of the bra, creating creasing

Not advisable for lower neckline tops

Better for lower neckline tops

Longer underwire May Cause Irritation

Shorter underwire is less likely to cause irritation

Great for sports

Not advisable for sports

More stable

Less stable

Diminishes breast size

Accentuates breast size

Conservative look

Sexy look

Straps are less likely to slip

Straps are more likely to slip

Women should keep in mind that even if they have larger breasts, a demi cup may be more appropriate for certain situations. Likewise, smaller breasted women should not rule out the full coverage bra, as it can offer certain qualities that could be better in certain situations.

Other Brassiere Options

Full-coverage and demi bras are not the only options on the market. Though they fit many situations and many types of women, there are a vast number of other different types of brassieres that may be better for certain women. The following bras have similar attributes to the aforementioned full-coverage and demi bras, but offer a certain different attributes that can be appealing for some women.

Balconette Bra

The balconette bra has an even smaller cup size than the demi bra, with the top seam falling just above the nipple. These bras also tend to have more padding. They are seen as a more sexually appealing bra since they expose and enhance the breasts.

Balcony Bra

Balcony cups are similar to full-coverage bras, in that they provide a decent amount of coverage; however, unlike full-coverage bras, they have a sweetheart shape and give a little less coverage than the full-coverage. Thus, balcony bras can be good for those who want the support of full-coverage, but the opportunity to wear tops with lower necklines.

Push-Up Bras

Push-up bras enhance breasts, like demi bras. In fact, many demi bras have features of push-up bras in terms of padding. The padding in push-up bras lines the inside of the cup, pushing breasts upward and together, creating the illusion of larger breasts. Many push-up bra designs offer more coverage on the upper breast than demi bras, and are more exposed in the cleavage area. This makes them good options for lower neckline tops. They are designed for women with medium to small breasts.

Minimiser Bras

Minimiser bras are excellent options for women with large breasts who are interested in downplaying their chest. Some tops are difficult for larger-busted women to wear because they have buttons that gape. Minimiser bras redistribute breast tissue towards the underarm and the centre of the woman's chest. Therefore, the entire breast mass is not protruding outwards.

How to Buy Full-Coverage and Demi Bras on eBay

eBay allows people from many different areas to showcase their goods in one place. This way, customers can easily compare products. Customers can sort results from low to high, and vice versa. Customers can browse through categories to find what they want, or search using specific keywords to find what they are looking for. Shoppers should keep in mind that using synonyms to generate different results is highly effective.

For example, those looking for a "cotton demi bra" can type that phrase into the search bar. This returns all items that meet those criteria. Customers should feel free to shop around, search in different manners, and sort results differently to get a feel for the way eBay works and the different results projected.

If buyers feel any hesitation about a purchase, they should consult the seller with any questions they have. Sellers can address most questions about their products, and often get back to customers in a timely fashion. Customers should keep a budget in mind for any product and factor in shipping costs, as well. If the item is needed quickly, an expedited shipping option may be available.


It is clear that certain bras are better suited for certain people. People with larger breasts may not feel completely comfortable in demi bras. Likewise, those with smaller breasts may not need the support and coverage offered by full-coverage bras. In terms of situations, full-coverage bras offer better support for sports activities, and demi bras are more sexually appealing for romantic situations. There is certainly no one bra that fits all people and all situations. Brassieres should not be visible, so customers should be sure to wear the appropriate bra underneath clothing. Likewise, any creases caused by breast tissue being restricted can be distracting, and should be avoided. Knowing the benefits of these bras, and the other options similar to full-coverage and demi bras can help people more easily make decisions regarding types of bras. Each person should choose the brassiere that makes them feel most comfortable.

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