Fun Facts Screen Actors Guild Awards

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Fun Facts Screen Actors Guild Awards

When award season starts each year in Hollywood, movie and television fans around the world look forward to months of celebrating their favourite performers, films, and programmes. The first significant event each year is the Screen Actors Guild awards, or SAG awards. Consumers can explore sellers' offerings on eBay to find the films and television series they love, and fans of Hollywood and acting in general might enjoy getting to know some fun facts about this important event celebrating the actors at the heart of the best in film and television.


1. The SAG Awards predict the Oscars

If a producer has even a chance of expecting a Best Picture nod for a movie at the Oscars, chances are that film has already received a SAG nomination. As the opener to the awards season in Hollywood, the SAGs set the tone for all the ceremonies to come. Each year, the SAG awards serve as an early indicator of who gets an Oscar nod. It is rare for a film to receive a Best Picture nomination from the Academy without receiving some attention from the Screen Actors' Guild first. The stakes are even higher for actors; typically, receiving attention from either SAG or the Golden Globes is necessary for securing an Oscar nomination.


2. The nomination committee is randomly selected

While all dues-paying members of the union vote in the final balloting for the SAG awards, two nomination committees select the initial list of nominees. One committee of 2,200 members selects nominees in film, and a separate 2,200-person committee does the same work for television. A computer randomly selects these committees from the pool of members. This keeps things fair and ensures that no one can play favourites and that no potential nominees can attempt to curry favour before nominations begin.


3. There can be ties

Every once in awhile, two actors tie for first place and share a SAG award. One of the first ties came early in the history of the SAG Awards. In 1997, Kim Basinger shared the SAG for Best Supporting Actress in a Film for her work in "L.A. Confidential" with Gloria Stuart who co-starred in the international hit, "Titanic".


4. The award is an "actor" too

The SAG awards are the only awards season event to honour performers exclusively. It is no surprise, therefore, that the award itself is called the "actor". These statuettes are solid bronze with a green and black patina. They stand on a solid granite base and weigh nearly 5.5 kilos. The actor cast in the statuette holds the two masks historically associated with the craft of acting: Thalia, the Comedy muse, and Melpomene, representing Drama.


5. The awards ceremony is a dinner

Unlike the Oscars, which seat all the nominees in theatre seating, the Screen Actors' Guild stages its award ceremony as a dinner. Setting up this enormous and world-class event requires months of preparation and much flatware. In fact, it required over 2,000 pieces of flatware along with 3,600 glasses to set up the event in 2012. Dietary accommodations are also made in prepping the menu; the ceremony always provides vegan and vegetarian options in addition to the standard menu.


6. The Shrine auditorium was once a temple

The Guild has held the awards ceremony most often at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. This popular venue has a unique history — it was originally a temple built in 1906. After a fire destroyed the main temple in 1920, the owners resurrected the structure as the Shrine auditorium. A facelift in the early 2000s made the venue even more popular as a place to host major events. In addition to the SAG awards, the Shrine has been the site of the Oscars, the Emmys, and the Grammys.


7. Someone beat Meryl Streep

American actress Meryl Streep is widely regarded as one of the great film actors of all time. It is no surprise that she tends to clean up each awards season and has more Oscar nominations than any other actor in the history of film. Her SAG record is no less impressive, but one other actress outperformed Streep in recent years, putting Streep in second place in getting the most SAG nominations.

While Streep's SAG nominations numbered in the teens by the 2010s, American television actor, Edie Falco, who fans watched on their The Sopranos" and "Nurse Betty", received a record 20 nods for her work on television. 

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