GHD Complete Care Guide for Styling Your Hair!

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I have very weak, damaged hair from years of dying and bleaching it - can you help?

The smart shoppa hair doctor replies: “I would recommend ghd nurture shampoo and conditioner. They contain an intensive strengthening ingredient designed to deliver maximum anti-breakage benefits. It builds strength from within and produces a protective film around the hair shaft to lubricate and protect the surface of the hair. Ceramide regenerates and restores the life of the hair, improving shine and texture and reducing stress caused by chemical treatments. It is ideal for hair that has been chemically damaged, highlighted or bleached.” ( *** Emporio Armani Mens/Gents and Womens/Ladies Watch *** )

My hair is very fine and flyaway - is there anything you recommend that will give it more volume?

The smart shoppa hair doctor replies: “I would recommend ghd elevation shampoo and conditioner for normal-fine hair. They both contain guar gum, which gives body to the hair, and wheat protein to strengthen, control static and improve sheen. The Panthenol helps to plump up the hair shaft, making it appear fuller. They also contain an intelligent volumiser that gives body to the hair. The conditioner also contains high levels of volumisers for maximum body. ”

How can I hold my style after heat-styling?

The smart shoppa hair doctor replies: “ghd fixation spray is a fine, easy-to-apply mist for setting any style. It is light and non-sticky, leaving no residue or deposits, and also helps to retain bounce and add fantastic shine. It is also easy to comb out. ”

My hair isn’t dry or greasy, it’s normal - is there a suitable shampoo I can use every day?

The smart shoppa hair doctor replies: “I would recommend ghd tenderness shampoo, which is a mild, everyday shampoo for normal hair that adds moisture, enhances shine and contains UVA protection. It also contains shea butter, which improves the manageability and wet compatibility of your hair. ”

Are there any products I can use to remove product build-up?

The smart shoppa hair doctor replies: “ghd purifying shampoo is a rich, deep-cleansing shampoo for all hair types. It gently removes product build-up, excess oil, and helps prevent discolouration of hair after swimming. ”

I frequently colour my hair, but find the results fade rather quickly...

The smart shoppa hair doctor replies: “Don’t let your gorgeous colour fade away: use ghd guardian shampoo and conditioner. These moisturising products help preserve the vibrancy of the hair while enhancing its elasticity and shine. They contain UVA and UVB protection and also meadow foam seed oil, which helps to maintain moisture content and increase elasticity. The natural strengthening and moisturising properties give maximum shine and reflection of colour, and they contain conditioners that help reduce static. ”

How can I achieve a firm hold when styling my hair?

The smart shoppa hair doctor replies: “I would recommend ghd creation spray, which is a firm-hold styling spray for versatile styling with irons. It contains Panthenol, which plumps up the hair, making it appear thicker - and has a ‘shrink-wrap’ effect that protects the cuticle from moisture loss. It ‘s great for holding onto waves, flicks and curls.”

Are there any products I can use to give my hair volume when styling?

The smart shoppa hair doctor replies: “For all-over body I would recommend ghd fat hair lotion. This is an ideal volumising lotion for all hair types, building maximum body whilst providing long-lasting volume with medium hold. Ceramide regenerates and restores the life of the hair and gives an amazing bodifying effect, whilst the microfibres also build body. For root volume I’d recommend ghd uplift spray, which can be used to apply extra body right where you need it. This spray volumising gel has flexible hold, which is perfect for fine hair. It contains a unique intelligent volumiser that gives long-lasting body and hold to the hair. ”  

How can I get frizz-free results when straightening my hair by heat-styling?

The smart shoppa hair doctor replies: “I would recommend using ghd smoothing balm, ideal for creating straight and sleek looks when blow-drying and straightening, leaving hair frizz-free with a soft, smooth finish. It adds moisture and condition to hair and provides long-lasting protection from humidity.”

What’s the best product to use to define and accentuate a curly style?

The smart shoppa hair doctor replies: “ghd obedience cream is a lightweight anti-frizz blow-dry cream for normal to fine hair, ideal for creating glossy looks or defining curlier styles. It moisturises, controls and adds gloss to normal/fine hair types and helps to give maximum definition. High moisture retention helps to hold the style for longer, and provides added shine. ghd sea spray adds a great matt texture and hold to curls and surf-style waves. It provides a firm hold for a long-lasting result and the Dead Sea salt crystals help recreate movement and curl, providing texture and hold. ”

I straighten my hair every day, and I’m worried about damaging it...

The smart shoppa hair doctor replies: “I would recommend using one of the 3 types of ghd thermal protector. They all contain UVA protection and the thermal protector for normal/fine hair and dry/coarse hair contains meadow foam seed oil, which maintains the moisture content, and helps increase the elasticity of the hair during heated styling process. They all help to deflect heat away from the hair:

· ghd thermal protector for normal or fine hair has a lightweight formula ideal for fine hair. It also helps controls static and improves shine.
· ghd thermal protector for dry, coarse hair helps control unruly hair with a medium hold, and deflects damage whilst maintaining moisture.
· ghd thermal protector for weak, damaged hair contains an additional intensive strengthening ingredient as well as protecting the surface of the hair and offering hold.”

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