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GOLD FILLED is defined as: 'an item made of a base metal and covered by a sheet of gold, at least 10k quality.  The gold is bonded to the base metal by a mechanical process such as soldering or pressure rather than electroplating. The weight of the karat gold covering must be at least 1/20 of the total weight of the article.'  

O.K. let's do the maths here.  A 20 gram really truly, honest to goodness, fair dinkum, cross my heart gold filled bracelet would have 1 gram of gold on it.  One troy ounce  .... or 31 grams of gold was $900.00 at the time of writing so one gram of gold equals $29.00! NB: Gold has almost doubled since! 

To the wholesale cost of such a bracelet add the raw materials and the labour involved to manufacture it ....  not to mention ebay and paypal fees to list it, etc.  A seller regularly selling such jewellery for $50 would therefor be taking a huge loss per sale.  We could expect to see him/her go out of business within weeks .... or perhaps it's not really gold filled jewellery at all!!??

GOLD FILLED JEWELLERY IS 10K .... NOT 9k ... or it can not legitimately use the term 'gold filled' in Europe or U.S.A.  I have just watched a '90 gram 9k gold filled' necklace sell for $41.00.  So that's 4.5 grams (or 5% the total weight in gold) @ $29 = $130.50.  If  that necklace is REALLY gold filled then it has $130.50 of gold on it.  Now that's what I would call a bargain!  Poor seller .. they just lost around $89.50 on the item and made no profit!  .... or did they?

MADE OF SOLID GOLD I just read on a site. No it's not!  That's just another deliberate furphy.  Gold filled jewellery is made from a base metal ... usually brass ... and has gold bonded onto it.  Solid gold is 24 karat ... not 9k, 10k, 14k or 18k. Gold filled jewellery is NOT 'made of solid gold' and 'filled with brass'.  It is brass (or pewter or steel or sometimes sterling silver) with at least 5% of the total weight of the item comprised of 10k gold or above bonded to the base metal!

HALLMARKING OR STAMPING proves absolutely nothing.  I or you, that is anyone at all can walk into a jewellers suppliers in any major city in Australia and many parts of the world and buy a jewellers stamp kit. Gold filled (gf)jewellery or gold layered (gl) or gold plated (gp) gold electroplated (gep) or gold bonded (gb) jewellery can all carry a hallmark.  A hallmark like 9ctgf or 10kgf indicates it is gold filled BUT it does not mean that it really is!  A HALLMARK DOES NOT MEAN JEWELLERY IS SOLID GOLD.  It could be brass, bronze, pewter, silver etc, stamped and then finished with gold on top!

RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICES  Where on earth do they get them from .... and who recommended them anyway?    If you see anyone offering any jewellery item (unless it is SOLID 9k or above gold) valued at $600 to $1200 or more starting at $1 run away very quickly!  Do not click .... it's a trick!

Ask yourself two basic questions.

1/. Why would sellers continue to sell so much under the R.R.P. at an obvious loss?  Gold is currently over USD$900 a troy ounce ... 31 grams?! 

2/. When did you last see ANY fashion (NOT SOLID GOLD) jewellery for sale at even $600 at the shopping mall?

FACT OR FICTION?  Some sellers offering supposed gold filled jewellery try to convince the unwary that their product is superior to gold electroplated ... or bonded. layered etc, jewellery.  This is simply untrue as top quality 18k gold electroplated jewellery ... ours for instance!... can in fact have a higher gold content than 9k gold filled which merely (without proof) purports to be gold filled.  One ebay seller has two stores.   One store sells 'gold filled' items and the other store sells 'gold layered' items.  The strange thing is ... they are the exact same items in both stores!!  This makes me a bit wary ... what about you?

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?   I thought it was time I got some facts out there.  My hope is that this rave educates the buyers to be a little more discerning when shopping for a new piece of bling.  We are justly proud of our 18k gold electroplated and 10k rose gold electroplated jewellery.  We have been manufacturing (IN AUSTRALIA!) and selling our range for twenty five years now.  We have many, many repeat buyers as well as bulk buyers who onsell our products.    Hmmm, they must be good value :)

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