GOLF CLUB DISTANCES!! for men and women!!

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As you can see I sell golf clubs in my ebay store!!! One of the questions that I get often is

"How far will I be able to hit the ball with that club?"

Well unfortunately there is no exact answer to that. One persons 7 iron distance might be another’s 9 irons distance and so on. What I can say is it is more important to know your own distance you carry with your clubs so you can select the right club for a particular distance.

Here is a cool fact! The pros on the PGA hit there drivers anywhere from 280 - 320 yards. The LPGA pros hit it about 230 - 270 yards and most amateurs hit it somewhere between 195 -205 yards.

My point is to the above fact is it will be too depressing to compare ourselves with he pros so the table below will represent average distances for male and female amateurs. Please note that there will be some people that will hit longer and shorter then these distances but it will give you an idea of what other golfers hit.
Club       Men          Women
Driver     200-260   150-200
3wood   180-235   125-180
5wood   170-210   105-170
2-iron    170-210   105-170
3-iron    160-200   100-160
4-iron    150-185   90-150
5-iron    140-170   80-140
6-iron    130-160   70-130
7-iron    120-150   65-120
8-iron    110-140   60-110
9-iron    95- 130    55-95
PW       80- 120    50-80
SW       60- 100    40-60
The range is roughly from "short hitters" to "long hitters." Mid hitters which are the majority will be in the middle somewhere.

Like I said remember this is only a guide and you can find plenty more guides on the net that will give you different figures.

My final thought is if you can hit it straight and consistently, then it really doesn't matter about your distance. Happy Golfing!
Kind Regards,
Tri Vo.



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