GPI radiator for Nissan Patrol

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GPI 56mm NISSAN PATROL GQ. Item number 291051572373

About 10 months ago I have purchased an aftermarket radiator for my 94 Nissan GQ Patrol. This was required after fitting a turbo kit as standard radiator did not have enough cooling capacity. So after some research and reading feedbacks on eBay and forums I have decided to buy GPI product. I have received it reasonably quick and it appears to come from Melbourne. Looked good quality, solid  built unit. Fitted to the car just fine like a genuine part which has surprised me as I wasn't expecting it to be a straightforward fit. All overheating problems were gone, however I have also replaced the water pump with a high flow one. So not quite sure if it was pump or the radiator to thank.

Bad points about radiator

Couple of weeks ago I have noticed a coolant leak under the car. Wasn't major but it will lose about 1  litre in 5 days. Checked all around the hoses, water pump, drain plug etc all looked dry. Then I have taken it to a radiator shop (Alexandria Radiators) to get it pressure tested. The test has revealed the leak was coming from the welds where tube is welded to the tank. The item description says the radiator comes with 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Bad weld is clearly a manufacturing defect. Sh*t happens... Everyone makes mistakes. So I have contacted the seller several times in order to resolve the issues. 

About the seller's attitude. I mean absence of one...

I have sent several messages to the seller but have not received a single response. I have also contacted eBay to seek their assistance in resolving this but seller has not made a contact with me or eBay. You say may be he is holidays... Well I could also assumed that until I discovered that last night he has removed a line from the item description that said that the radiator is covered by 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

This is what pissed me off the most. I can accept sh*t quality Chinese imitation of products but I cannot accept this hide and seek games when you who claims to be product manufacturer cannot take responsibility for own stuff ups. I was happy to receive a replacement radiator and ship this one back to them at my expense so they could inspect it and make sure that they don't make this mistake again. Instead I have to waste my time posting this over here and else where I can.

Anyone who considers an aftermarket radiator please stay away from seller GPI_radiator and all his Chinese scrap metal. Save yourself some money and headache.
Put it this way if you buy any other Chinese crap you will be better off as you may be lucky and at least get a response if something goes wrong. Or save yourself more money and buy Aussie. At least you'll have a shop to come back to.

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