GPS POI Data on eBay

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How to choose right GPS data provider?

eBay is a great place to get your GPS POI data. Having GPS device is great, but loading it with useful data makes it even better.

You should check if your data provided is reliable. There are few things to consider:

  1. eBay feedback
    • good feedback for GPS data related items is essential. Avoid feedback hunters.
    • positive comments about customer relations and support rather than 'item delivered' comments
    • good feedback from eBayers with high feedback score.
  2. Quality of listing
    • good listing should tell you as much as possible about data collection
    • all should be explained as simple as possible
    • it should have clear information about included database, format and compatibility
    • it should have listed facts, not only "I am the original and the best"
    • avoid listings with claims like "I am the innovator" (who invented GPS?)
  3. Delivery terms
    • POI data should never be posted or sent on CD. It should be downloaded from a website or emailed. Attached files are usualy small. Offers that include CD snail-mail delivery are usualy related to delivery of copyrighted items withour license
    • regular updates should be offered, idealy as a download package from a website
  4. Customer base
    • try to find how many subscribers or customers your data provider has. Having a lot of customers is of the main importance for updates
  5. Copyright
    • it is common to find false claims about "original" data or files
    • think before your purchase if you are a victim of copyright fraud


Once when you choose your data provider, make sure that database is "as described" before you leave eBay feedback. Test for a while if data provider will bombard you with automated messages to leave feedback, as it is quite good sign about poor manners and feedback hunting intentions, rather than commitment to provide quality POI data.

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