Gaming Terms You Must Know

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Gaming Terms You Must Know

Gaming is not only a fun hobby, it also improves players' hand-eye coordination and helps to enhance their problem-solving skills, according to the Women's and Children's Health Network in South Australia. However, the terminology used by gamers can be mystifying for the uninitiated. It is important to understand the words and phrases used within the gaming community, including terms for types of games, fellow gamers, as well as emotional and technical gaming terms.


Terms for types of games

There are a several types of games that players typically refer to using an abbreviation. Knowing these terms helps shoppers to identify games before they buy them.


First-person shooter (FPS) games, such as "Halo", allow a player to see the world from the perspective of a single character, as if looking through the protagonist's eyes. The protagonist typically carries a weapon and the gamer uses the controls to shoot targets.


In third-person shooter (TPS) games, such as "Assassin's Creed", players can see their avatars in full action on the screen. Aiming a weapon can be tricky in third-person view, so TPS games often have a built-in assistance feature that provides a first-person view to give players the precision they need to hit a target.


In role-playing games (RPG), gamers take on the role of an imaginary character in a virtual world and perform actions or make decisions as part of an adventure. There are single-player RPG games, where a gamer can play alone and control just one character, and massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), where a large number of players interact in a fantasy world.


Terms for fellow gamers

If gamers are n00bs, it may be a good idea for them to keep a low profile until they gain more skills. This avoids them turning into a camper or spammer.


A n00b is a newbie that demonstrates such a lack of skill that it can frustrate more experienced gamers. The term can also pierce the heart of veterans having a bad day if their fellow gamers believe they are playing like beginners.


Unadventurous shooters that stick to one location rather than roaming around the game are campers. They can become a satisfying target for other players who do not like this dull playing style.


Spammers are shooters that demonstrate little skill, keep their fingers on the trigger buttons, and hope for the best. Any success they have in a game is generally a matter of luck.


Technical gaming terms

Players need to have great technology if they want the speed of response that helps to win a game. Learning some terms that gamers use to describe technical aspects helps players understand what is happening to their opponent's gaming consoles.


Frames per second (FPS) measure the speed of the game and varies based on the console's memory, CPU, and the graphics card. Players that have high FPS can react faster, improving their performance.


Lag is the delay between the player activating a control and the server responding and translating the action to the screen. Lag is the one thing that gamers do not want, as it can render a game unplayable.


Players who are suffering from lag may want to see if real problem is with the computer or gaming console, and can do so by measuring the ping. Ping is the time it takes for data to travel to the server and back again, and for a fast response time the number needs to be as low as possible.


Emotional terms for gamers

As much of the communication between gamers is text based, creative shorthand is often used to express emotions. Knowing these terms helps players understand what their opponents are feeling in the heat of a battle.


Success in a game is often expressed by the term w00t. It is a simple expression of joy or excitement that dates back to the 1990s.

Rage quit

When players rage quit, it is game over. Rage quitting occurs when players are so angry about events in the game that they stop playing immediately. Gamers sometimes rage quit if they feel their teammates are not pulling their weight or the teams are unbalanced.


How to buy gaming products on eBay

Now that you know some important gaming lingo, you can search the large inventory on eBay to find products that bring you further into the exciting gaming world. Use the search box on any page and enter keywords such as "PlayStation", "Xbox 360", or the next game on your list to add to your collection. You can look for games that provide endless hours of fun, whether you play alone or with a group of gamers from around the globe.

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