Garcinia Cambogia vs Garcinia Quaesita

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Buying Garcinia Cambogia on eBay

Due to recent huge media attention Garcinia Cambogia has become a much sought after product around the world, including here in Australia.
We believe it is important to correctly advertise all products and supply products to the consumer which have been correctly described so the buyer receives exactly what they expect to receive according to the displayed advertisement.

This is a small extract from information supplied on the TGA web site:  
" Garcinia quaesita and Garcinia gummi-gutta [Cambogia] are two distinct herbal species..."

Garcinia Cambogia, also known as " Garcinia gummi-gutta" , or " brindleberry", is a native plant of Indonesia.
The rind of the fruit is dried and extracted into a powder which is usually sold in capsules. 

If you have already purchased a product advertised as "Garcinia Cambogia" check the ingredients on the label: If the label lists the product as "Garcinia Quaesita" but the listing stated you were buying "Garcinia Cambogia" then you should contact the seller and report the false advertising to eBay or the ACCC.

Help keep eBay a safe and honest place to shop.

(PS, if you think this guide was informative or of some help in making your decision to purchase then please give it a vote below, it really helps up to get information out to the public which we consider important)
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