Garden Furniture and Decorating your Garden

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Most keen gardeners will know the rewarding satisfaction that comes with a well set out garden. Your own tranquil area to relax after a hard day or just to potter in.

For me personally, I love nothing more than to watch something I have planted myself, grow into something of beauty. That's not to say I have'nt had my failures!

Here in Australia we are extremely fortunate to have some of the most stunning native plants in the world. The native wildlife some of these plants attract adds to our good fortune

There are so many different ways to decorate your garden. Whether you prefer a vast array of beautiful colours from flowers, native plants, herbs, vegetables, the possibilities are endless. Garden furniture, sculptures, bird baths and fountains are just one way of adding warmth and your own unique touch to your special area.


1. ATTRACT NATURE-Add life to your garden by adding bird baths. Butterflies and birds add an element to your garden that's hard to compare. Both need still water and will add a touch of chirping chatter and fluttery elegance once they have found your bird bath.

2.DECORATE WITH WATER- Add the sound of running water to your environment. One of the most restful and peaceful sounds in the world. There a literally dozens of water features, ponds and fountains available online and in stores.

3.ADD LIGHT AT NIGHT- Your garden doesnt have to disappear once the sun goes down and the moon is high. Night lights can add more time to spend in your special area. Here again the options are endless. Spotlights to accentuate special areas or features. Outline paths with solar lighting that is both cost affective and very affective. Even something as a string of white fairy lights strung through a tree can turn your garden into a magic place.

4. ADD FURNITURE AND DECOR- Choose furniture styles and ornaments that compliment you surroundings. Benches, full sets, planter benches to overflow with your choice of greenery. Ornaments, wall mounted candle holders and pot plant holders, sundials and  trellises. The list is endless.

Wrought iron garden furniture and decorations are very appealing to look at. Made from a special type of iron that has additives to make it malleable, with a low corrosion rate. Impregnating iron with tiny slivers of iron silicate bring about changes in the chemical properties of the iron and creates a useful, hard wearing metal.

Wrought iron is used as a decorative iron to create garden furniture, benches, bird baths, candle holders and fountains to name a few. Normal metal benches ect can discolour and rust but the anti corrosive properties in wrought iron help distribute any rust into a coppery or brownish finish that only adds to the appeal of the piece. An added bonus in buying products made from wrought iron is the cost. It is relatively affordable in comparison to the traditional garden furniture made from wood.

However you decide to decorate your garden, make sure it's an enjoyable experience. Your garden should be your haven. A place to refresh and rejuvenate the soul and spirit. Try and make sure there is always something in bloom. Most of all, make sure you take time out each day to just sit and admire your "work of art".

Life is too short to miss the simple beauty and peace your garden can bring you.


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