Gel Polish Nail Art Tutorial: How To Create A Galaxy Nail Art

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What You'll Need

Top Coat
Base Coat

-Base Colour
#18 Black Knight

-Galaxy Colours
N19 Pool Frolic
HR08 Purple Fusion
#01 Snow White
HR07 Steel Blue
HBS Bronze Sparkle

Dotting Tool
Piece of Sponge
12W LED lamp or 36W UV lamp
How To Do It (Instructions):

1. File, Shape and Prepare your nail.
- Ensure you wipe your nail with a non-acetone polish remover or alcohol wipes to ensure excess oil is remove and to ensure gel polish adhesion.

2. Apply and Cure your Base Coat for 10 seconds under your 36W UV nail lamp or 12W LED nail lamp.
- Don't cure for more than 10 seconds.

3. Apply 1st and 2nd Colour Coat to your nails and Cure (curing time below*)
4. Have your piece of sponge handy and cur into a small size.
5. Apply Neon #19 Pool Frolic to sponge.

6. Dab the sponge on nail and cure.

7. Shake, apply HR07 Steel Blue to sponge and dab on nail (do not cure).

8. Shake, apply HR08 Purple Fusion to sponge and dab on nail (do not cure).

9. Shake, apply HBS Bronze Sparkle to sponge and dab on nail (do not cure).

10. Cure altogether. (*For the glitters, you may cure after every colour or cure it all together)
11. With the use of the dotting tool, place small dots of #01 Snow White on each nail. Cure.

12. Shake, apply top coat and cure. Wipe with Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes.

13. All done! Time to show off your Galaxy Nail Art.
Curing Time:
36W UV Lamp = 120 seconds
12W LED Lamp = 60 seconds

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