Gelcoat & Flowcoat

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Flowcoats and Gelcoats are available from our eBay store!

Gelcoat when mixed with MEKP and if painted on a surface will stay 'sticky' to touch even when dry. Flowcoat or Finish Coat (is sort of like gelcoat, only it has a special wax solution mixed in with it) and will, when mixed with MEKP and painted on a surface, remain glossy and 'slippery' to touch when dry.

Gelcoat is mainly used when moulding product from a mould (like a boat), while flowcoat is most commonly used to finish paint the inside bins or interiors of power boats etc. Both Gelcoat and Flowcoat use approximately 600 grams of material per square meter of cover per coat.

The most common colour for flowcoat & gelcoat is white. They are both available in 'natural' to which  pigment can be added (varies between 5% - 10%) to achieve the desired colour.

MEKP - Catalyst

MEKP is the hardener for both Flowcoat and Gelcoat. As a starting point for most, MEKP is added at a ratio of 2.5% for Flowcoats and Gelcoats. Obviously the amount will need to be adjusted depending on working time required, temperature of the day and humidity. MEKP is a clear liquid and is most dangerous to use. Please adhere to any instructions placed on the label.

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