Gem & Jewellery Lovers Join a Lapiday Club

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This is really a blog for lovers of gemstones & jewellery, recently I joined my local lapidary club being Frankston lapidary. I was astonished at the facilities not to say the great bunch of people that I met there on my 1st day/night .

Helpful pro/amatuers always wanting to help you to create your own piece of jewellery or hints and advice on cutting your own gem. This club in particular prides itself with a professional jeweller on board who helps everyone.

There are cab machines, facet machines, tumblers, rumblers, saws, benches polishers etc etc.

Guys & Gals creating there own chains in sterling with a helper teaching them to weave.

I sat back and observed this facility and thought what a great thing to be involved with , and really was a little unhappy I had not joined earlier in life.

Asking a mate that introduced me to the club " Are all clubs like this one "? "Yep some even bigger "!

Gemmologists that can help with identification of a find at a local dig or escursion, mineral books and a huge library all about gems locations jewellery making an absolute treasure trove.

Then the outings "My God", I thought this just gets better each day.

There own magazine etc.

So if you have nothing to do in the day or evenings and are feeling lonely and want to mix with a great bunch of people

Join a Lapidary Club.

I assure you ,you will not be dissappointed.

There are so many club fairs, swaps & wheeling & dealing going on, it's like being in Heaven : )

A credit to all the clubs around Australia !!

So now look at the opportunity that falls on us all here on Ebay

By joining your local lapidary club and then using Ebay as your source there is so much rough gemstones available Australia & Worldwide, to buy Buy BUY, and create Creat CREATE your very own piece of pride and joy.

Hope this has helped you with an option to at least think about joining a club


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