General ebay selling tips - applies to all items

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General selling tips on ebay:

*  ALWAYS include a gallery picture, and never advertise without some sort of picture.   For new or close to new items, pictures can be sourced from manufacturer advertising.

*  Spend time detailing the product, include specifications, as many pictures as possible and be honest about any product faults.

*  Think about how people are going to search for your item, and fill the description with likely keywords or attention grabbers. 

*  Do your best to specify postage, but don't try and profit from postage, high postage can turn off buyers.

*  Treat every item sold differently, if an item is going to be popluar, start with a low starting price, you will find that people will be attracted to the low price and may end up competing for the item once the price is much higher.  If the item is likely to attract little interest, but is of higher value, start with a higher starting price, so even if you only get one bid, you get what you are asking for.

*  Avoid selling large, low value items that may cost a lot to ship.

*  If the item is of high value, consider using featured plus and picture packs, as a couple of extra dollars spent can yield much higher bids. 

*  Be passionate about your item, as people want to feel like they are buying something good, but avoid overstating it's condition or being dishonest.

*  Include incentives, such as free post on 'buy it now' to attract a higher sale price overall.

*  Respond quickly to enquries and be friendly and honest.

*  Take time to think about selling points before listing your item.

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