Genuine Advantage Fix

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Have that annoying Genuine Advantage fix on your Computer?

Although the operating software you are using is genuine but the blue star in the taskbar is still there and the constant flashing of the non genuine advantage fix is still displaying on the Screen. Take a few Minutes on the Registry Editor will solve the issue. Are you ready to begin?

Click on start then run type in Regedit then Click ok. Click on the Plus sign next to Hkey_Local_Machine then scroll down next to microsoft then hit the plus sign next to that. Drop down the plus sign next to Windows NT then select the current version scroll down untill you find the plus sign next to notify  scroll down untill you find Winlogon then hit notify scroll down untill you find the wlballoon Right click Delete to erase the keys and subkeys exit from regedit and then Restart the computer.

After Restarting go into Local drive C:\ or the drive letter where the operating system is held click on the windows folder locate system32 subfolder scroll down untill you find wbalogon towards the bottom of the subfolder hit delete along with the wba star located next to it. Exit the subfolder and windows folder go in to the recycle bin and delete the two wba folders mentioned.

Restart PC and the notify advantage fix will no longer be displayed

Print this Guide and give it a go if you have this issue!


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