Genuine Al-Amira Hijabs

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What is an Amira hijab ?

There are a number of sellers in ebay land with 'amira' hijabs and yes they may be in the Amira style. Amira meaning Princess. Most sellers use this term to mean a slipover, hood type of religious veil that is sewn so there is no need for pins or wrapping.  

But only a Genuine Al-Amira brand hijab made by the Al-Amira company in Syria can be called an Al-Amira hijab. A true al-Amira can be 1 or 2 pieces but will never have padding on the front or glitzy beading. (You can find genuine Al-Amira hijabs with subtle embroidery on the underscarf.)

A real Al-Amira will sit flat against your forehead to ensure all hair is covered, some of the Asian 'Amira' styles have bulky padding that sticks out and shows the front of your hair and are very heavily beaded. This style is fine for a family or sisters gathering, however these styles are not for daily use and defeat the purpose of wearing Hijab by being immodest.


Please Sisters, save the beaded hijabs for that special occasion, and wear a plain modest Hijab (square, rectangular or even an Amira) in public when you want to look beautiful in an Islamic way.

Remember, Hijab is not just about a piece of cloth on your head it is also about how you act, what you say and what you do.

Assalamu Alaikum  

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