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Watch this space! Environmental Engineer/Geologist .. currently writing my first non technical book guide for others who share my passion for our Planet Earth.

Sydney (Australia) is set in stunning natural scenery .. sparkling harbour, sandy beaches, pounding surf, towing cliffs and dense forests. But why is the landscape shaped this way?

Why are the beaches so sandy and the surf so good? Why is Sydney Harbour so different to Botany Bay? What made the city so hilly to the north yet flat in the west and sandy in the east? Why does Sydney's biggest river flow into the mountains; not once but twice?

Sydney scenery has a stunning story to tell. Touring around Sydney in a series of guided adventures you will witness the best of what the city has to offer. You will be treated to the dramas of enormous ancient rivers, the continent cracking apart, sea flooding the land, dense primordial swamps, giant amphibians and raging volcanoes.

My book will be your guide to explore the mysteries behind Sydney's stunning natural scenery.
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