George Foreman One Drop Fryer - How to Get The Best Results

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Want to lose a few kilos but don't want to totally change your diet? Need to start eating more healthily, but don't know where to start?

The George Foreman One Drop Fryer will make your food healthier and more nutritious without changing your diet!

I stumbled across George Foremans latest release after it was recently launched in Australia. This amazing frypan hasn't been around for long and, although George Foreman is a household name these days after the success of his original Grill, no matter how hard I looked I couldn't find any information at all about his new One Drop Fry Pan! So I decided to get one for myself and give it a go, and see if it is as good as the infomercials claim!

Well the first thing I tried was an egg. A bit of background for you; every morning I have a slice of wholemeal toast, spread with avocado and a squeeze of lemon, and topped with a soft fried egg. As you can see I am a bit of stickler for how it needs to be - it is my morning pleasure and I want to make sure it is right every time! I don't want it cooked right through because I really love how the yolk runs all over the avocado and mixes in with the lemony taste. It has to be *just right*. I usually add oil to the frypan (not sure how much because I just pour it from the oil tin) crack the egg into the pan, cook until the bottom is cooked and then add 1 tablespoon of water and cover with a lid to gently steam the egg until it is just right - not too hard!

So,do you want to know how I went with the George Foreman One Drop Fryer? Actually it was pretty good. I added one teaspoon of margarine (easier then adding the oil out of the tin when I had to measure it) and put the fry pan over a low heat, about 1/4 of the way around on the dial if that helps you understand what I mean by 'low' (usually I have it on the highest setting). The first time I did it I didn't wait for the fry pan to heat up enough (because it is a low heat you have to get used to it taking slightly longer to heat the pan, but then it is just as hot as a frypan gets over a high heat) and when the egg went in it didn't sound right. I tried again and by this time the frypan was hot, although still on a low heat setting. The egg went in well, and by the way I hadn't added any extra oil. Now you know how particular I am and the whole process I go through to get the egg yolk *just right*. Well with the George Foreman One Drop Fryer it was too easy! I put the lid on straight away, and approximately 2 minutes later I had a perfect egg! I didn't have to add water, and I didn't have to cook the bottom first before putting on the lid. It was cooked to perfection and came away cleanly from the pan, so no messy clean up. Egg test = AWESOME SUCCESS!

Next I tried to cook steak. Well, that test didn't have such a great result. I am being honest here, and I wouldn't recommend buying this fry pan to cook your steak in. I guess you can kind of imagine what it would be like - kind of like trying to cook your steak in the oven without first sealing the steak... didn't work. I am wondering if perhaps I should have tried doing it at a higher heat initially and seal the steak then put on the lid, however the manufacturers say you shouldn't use a high heat because it may damage the fry pan, so I didn't. Steak test = EPIC FAIL (Disclaimer - I am not a brilliant cook, just a mum, so perhaps someone with more talent can write a review on how to cook great steak with this frypan!)

Then I tried to cook frozen potato gems, which was all I had in the freezer but are very similar to frozen chips or fries. I have to say, I was impressed with the result. I added one teaspoon of oil, and made sure I had already preheat the fry pan (I was getting the hang of it now and it doesn't take long to do). If you cook them in the oven I think the instructions were to preheat the oven then cook them for about 40mins, turning once. Although I didn't time it (which I should have - sorry, I'm not very experienced at this testing thing!) I think total cooking time would have been around 15 -20 mins, max. So not only did I save on the preheating of the oven, but also the cooking time was halved. The result was crunchy gems that had browned reasonably well and were cooked right through to the centre. I am guessing that you probably need to use frozen chips/fries to get the best results from the fry pan because they have a higher fat content than home made fries, so using the George Foreman One Drop Fryer will cut out further unecessary fat that may be added if you fry them. I will try home made fries next time though to see how it goes. Potato Gem Test = SURPRISINGLY GOOD!

The following morning I decided to cook bacon for the kids and hubby, and guess what I used to do it ?! Bacon cooked well in the fry pan (unlike the steak!). The effect of cooking it with the lid on and with the unique heat disperser  definitely reduces the time to cook, and then once it was cooked I took the lid off and let the bacon caramelise a little, just the way they like it! It didn't burn at all, and I used just one teaspoon of margarine. It was again a very easy clean up. Every time I have cooked with it the clean up has been easy.

I also tried to cook french toast in the fry pan and it worked just fine, but I didn't use the lid for that one as I really just needed to brown it off. I am looking forward to trying a stove top cake which I think will work well, and I am sure that omlettes will be a big winner - no more runny middle! I haven't yet tried vegetables, but I am expecting that they will turn out quite well if my egg is anything to go by! Fresh batter is another one that I will try the next time I do chicken as I am still keen to see whether it will work well in the fry pan. I will write again once I have more results!

In summary, here is what you get from using the George Foreman One Drop Fryer:
  • Less oil used in cooking (lose weight without changing your diet!)
  • Faster cooking times (save money too!)
  • Retains the food's nutrition (feed your kids nutitionally dense food as much as possible)
  • Effective non-stick surface (save time again and again with an easy and hassle free clean up)

I am a convert and I am very happy that I have bought the frypan and given it a go. You have nothing to lose! It is a quality fry pan that will save you money and cut out unnecessary fat from your diet, without you even trying!

If you would like to purchase the fry pan please consider buying from me, a trusted top seller on ebay. I offer a 30 day money back guarantee, and my goal is to have 100% happy customers! I hope this has helped with your decision. Please go to my store now to purchase. :)

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