Get Good Money for Children's Clothes on Ebay!

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Always ensure that clothes are freshly laundered and most of all IRONED.  A picture tells a thousand words - people are less likely to bid on an item if the clothes are crushed looking.  Place your items flat out on a coloured surface that makes the clothes stand out  - not a patterned bed spread. Try to use as much natural light as possible - even take your photos outside - avoiding shadows on the items.    Explain your items in great detail. Always be totally honest about the item - ensuring to mention even if it has the slightest mark.  People like honest people - and are also more likely to leave positive feedback as you were so honest in description.  Be fair with your postage costs, be sure to offer combined postage costs if a bidder wins more than won item - this will encourage people to bid on your other items.  Really good quality/brand items should be listed seperately.  Other clothes can be grouped - ensuring that all clothes in each group are the same size.  Team clothes together that go well together - ie make up an outfit that will appeal to other mums.  Use words like "gorgeous", "beautiful", "my little ones favourite" when describing items - "your little one will look gorgeous in this outfit". And don't forget to be polite in all contacts between buyers & yourself.

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