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Have you ever searched the internet for hours on end searching for the answer to an eBay related question and come up with absolutely nothing? Well let me tell you I have been in that exact same position until I found 2 links that changed my knowledge of eBay forever.

The first link I found by complete accident but now i don't know how i ever survived on eBay wthout it. Allow me to explain what these links is all about, The first link a great website which holds a number of eBay tools including:-

Misspell search (allows you to search misspelled items when the correct spelling is put in)
Negative feedback checker (displays negative & neutral feedback only)
30 bid list (see what an eBayer has been bidding on in the last 30 days)
Remove negative feedback (Removes negative feedback)
eBay fees calculator (calculates total eBay fees and displays total profit of items)
30 Day sold items & turnover (see exactly what someone has sold in the last 30 days)

+ Other tools but the most beneficial thing about the website is the forum. I have been using the forum for quite a while now and it's full of a very talented bunch of eBayers. I have asked many difficult questions on the forum that I couldn't get answered anywhere else and 9/10 questions have been successfully answered.

The second link i mentioned is just a forum but again the people who use it are very talented and manage to answer the most difficult of questions. Believe me when i say no one should be without these sites! I will post the sites names at the bottom of this review for you to look for, It won't be difficult to find. Topics in the forums include:

General Discussion
eBay Tips, Tricks & Secrets
Fake, Fraud, Spam & Spoof Checker - Have you been scammed??
Discounted or Free
eBay Success Stories
Ways To Make Money Online

Here are the websites to keep your eyes open for:

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