Get more money for the item you are selling!!!!!!!

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I find a lot of people don't list the item they are selling in the correct catagory or they simply dont write a good sales pitch to sell there item!

  • Before listing your item search the home page having a good look through all of the catagorys
  • Search by entering the name of your item into quick search area - try several different ways of spelling the item name and see where other people have listed there item for sale.
  • Use the correct spelling for your item
  • List it in two catagory's - the 2nd being a similar catagory that may complement your item
  • Look at what other ebayers have written about similar items (dont copy them but get ideas!)
  • Look up websites about your item to get sellling points
  • Look up the instructions as these have great comments on how your item works and why its great.
  • Add in dimensions,Condition, How old etc
  • Use bullet points when writing your ad  make it easy to read!




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