Getting Rid of Ants and Cockroaches.

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There are plenty of products around for killing Ants and Cockroaches but most seem to be a contact poison. This is good to get rid of the immediate problem but does nothing to stop them coming back. The trick is, especially for ants is to get them to take the food back to the nest. It has to be well disguised or the guard ants will not let it in. The other thing is that you do not want it to be quick acting as that will stop the Ant taking it back to the nest. You want to get your bait into the ants long term food store reserves, wnen the ants eat it and die they are taken out of the nest and discarded but the food remains and this slowly kills off the whole nest. Eventually the Queen is fed from the other ants and once gone the whole nest is finished. Roaches on the other hand will eat the bait and die but other roaches will eat the dead ones. The bait we sell is our own formula that has a very low toxicity to people and animals. It is formulated in different sizes as to work on the small black ant up to the big red ones.This product is tried and proven to work 100%

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