Getting a clothing Bargain on Ebay

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I had met so many people who seemed to always get amazing bargains on women's clothing on ebay - Country Road Jackets for $10 etc.  So here are some tips for making sure that you get the good bargains too:

1.  Have a limit on what you will pay for each garment.  There is no point spending lots of money on five year old garments just because they are designer label.  You may find when you receive it has more wear and tear than you thought.

2.  Use the "Watch this item" feature for anything you are interested in.  I have saved lots of time using this and watching a garment sell for more money than it was worth.

3.  Ask questions before bidding.  Is there any sign of wear (many honest sellers will often show pictures).  How old is the garment (I have seen 1980 jackets on ebay for riduculous prices). 

4.  Always factor in postage when bidding.  A $30 jacket might sound good but if it costs another $15 then it takes the bargain factor out.  I have also questioned postage at times and found that the buyer has been able to reduce it.

5.  If a garment has three days to go and has had 20 plus bids you can pretty well guarantee that it will be a fight for the end.  Look for garments that have no bids or minimal bids.  Of ten the high bid garments sell for more than they are really worth.

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