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I for one are extremely happy with the chinese product, I have bought an SX 62 chainsaw from Agr machinery and it has given me great service, but I do believe that it is only 52cc not 62 cc as claimed.I also have a Chonda 13 Hp engine which I attached to my log splitter when the Robin engine packed it in, it also has been great but at 390 cc I question the 13 HP as my 400 cc Briggs and Stratton ride on engine is rated at 11 HP (old saying there is no substitute for cubic inches).More recently I purchased a genset with the 13 HP Chonda /Robo Car Power engine no problem ,but the generator was claimed by the seller in OZ to be 8.6 KVA yet the book shows it as 5000 watts continuous output ,6500 peak ,it does the job that I purchased it for and the $499.00 pricetag suited me fine . This week I received my 7hp Ducar engined 3000 PSI / Max 3600 PSI  pressure washer and it removes the coloured surface of my concrete $329.00 Free post to capital cities ffrom AGRmachinery and they  claim to carry spares as well ,another great purchase.

My opinion ,the chinese have the biggest domestic market in the world ,they are not going to make crap for their own people ,neither will they make crap for the world at large , they are a rapidly developing country and their population will be a major part of the Australian future ,so I firmly believe we should support them , we have been paying too much for manufactured goods and protected industries in OZ ,it is time for a shake-up.Regards Tom.

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