Getting that item to your buyer

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So you have decided to sell some items on ebay! You have a captive audience. 

It is important to realize that when someone buys an item from you they like to receive it in a timely manner.
If they were to buy their item in a shop they would go in , pay for their item and take it away with them. On Ebay they buy their item and have to wait for it to get shipped to them. Sellers need to make a commitment to their listings and their buyers, once they have been paid for an item get that item into the post as quickly as possible.

If you have time constrainta in your week, think aboutthis when listing you item, if you can only post on certain days put that in you listing so that your buyer knows what they can expect from you. Good communication is the key to a happy seller/buyer relationship and ultimately leads too a safer and happy feeling for both in a transaction.

We all know what it is like to be waiting for a payment when you have sold an item, the sale cannot move forward till the payment has been received by the seller. From a buyers perspective, particularly a good buyer who pays for an item promptly once they have paid for an item waiting for their item is in the back of their mind until it arrives.

Thereis a certain amount of excitement waiting for that item to arrive but waiting too long for an item too arrive sours the experience. Be a considerate seller, get that item off as soon as practicable one you have been paid for it and make the Ebay experience a happy experience for all involved.
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