Getting the Right Dog Crate, Travel Carrier & Play Pen

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When deciding which type of crate is best for your pet, there are an important number of questions to ask yourself. This guide will help you to determine what your pet needs as well as give helpful advice on the process of buying a pet crate.

Here are some of the most important questions you need to ask yourself when purchasing a crate or carrier for your pet.

What basic features am I looking for?

There are many different types of crates and carriers which all presents various features and functions.

Wire crates work well for crate training, transporting your pet in a vehicle and also come in folding or collapsible models, but they aren't approved for air travel. It is also heavy and thus not really travel-friendly. Some pet lovers may also feel that they appear a bit too 'cold'.

Hard plastic kennels, sometimes known as a solid frame crate, can also be used as an everyday crate as well as to transport pets. However, if your pet is still growing, you may need to buy another size crate later since they are not expandable.

Soft crates or pet tents are light, easy to set up and very portable. They are great for both indoor and outdoor use as an everyday crate but can be chewed by a dog that is not already crate trained. Soft crates are great for travels and outings, including trips to the beach as well as pet shows.

If you travel with your pet in your car, on airplanes, or when you camp or hike, there are different crates to suit your needs. While a wire crate is great in the car, hard plastic crates are more likely to be approved for air travel. When hiking or camping, a soft light-weight crate that's collapsible and portable is the best option.

What size crate should I purchase?

When deciding on the size of your pet's crate, you want one that is large enough for your pet to stand upright, turn around and lie down. You do not want it to be big enough that they would only use half of the crate as a bathroom and the other half to sleep.

Naturally, dogs like to sleep in small spaces where they are protected. A crate acts the same way as a den- it allows them to sleep and nest somewhere they will comfortable and safe.

What are my other options?

You may also consider an exercise or play pen. This will allow your dog to run off-leash without running away. These are larger than a crate and can be used outdoor or indoor to confine your pet to one area. It is also great for puppy gatherings, and thus perfect for friends and family gatherings, or for puppy schools or pet shows. Do note that some of these play pens does come with detachable top or bottom, so as to provide some sheltering as well as stop some active ones from trying to climb off or dig to escape.

For smaller dogs, a soft pet carrier may also be a good choice, depending what's your main purpose. They can safely transport your pet in a vehicle or when you are in stores and doing shopping. A carrier, however, should not be used as a substitute for a crate.

When it comes to crating your pet, it is important to consider all these factors before you buy. The crates, play pens and carriers offered by  Petitude1 on eBay allow you to provide a comfortable place for your dog to stay as well as give you added peace of mind when leaving or travelling with your pet.

Always remember, having the right pet product adds more fun and value to your pet life!

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