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The time is ticking down on the auction item... your pulse is racing... counter bidding against "johndoe99"... the last minute bid, YES!! you have won... but have payed more than your originally intended.

Its in the heat of the moment that you will then pay a higher price than you could pick the item up for in an online store or even a department store.

Some simple tips:
1) Do you research, check out department store catalogues, and use online comparison websites. You can sometimes pick up items for cheaper than ebay store sellers are actually selling it for.
2) Once you have your maximum bid and stick too it
3) Check for similar items, more often than not a similar item will finish the following day or in the next couple of hours.
4) Evaluate your bid, do you really need it or can you wait for it when other bidder lose interest?

Hopefully these tips will help you pick up some real bargains.
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