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You either have believers or non believers when it comes to seeing ghosts.

As a Clairvoyant, I can tell you that they are very real, but why take my word for it, you need your own proof.

The purpose of this guide is to tell you about some of the different types of ghosts, how to ghost hunt and how to properly use a ouija board.



Types of Ghosts.

The most common ghosts that you will probably see are spirits of your deceased loved ones, they may come for a visit and let you know that they have not left you and are around, some just pop in now and then to check up on you. Anniversary spirits are also common, coming on the day of a special anniversary.



Time Slip Ghosts and Entities.

Time slip ghosts are usually transparent and in silhouette form, they can also appear as shadows which you would normally see from the corner of your eye. They can portray an event that has happened when they were alive. They keep re-living this event over and over. They usually take no notice of you and go on about their business of what they were doing when once alive.

When people usually think of bad entities, they think of murderers, psychopaths or just very bad people when they were alive. However, this may be true, I also think most bad entities were never human in the first place.

Fortunately entities of this nature are rare, but if you are playing with a ouija board not knowing how to really use one, this can most definitely attract those bad entities and they can be stuck with you for years or even decades, they thrive off anger, hostility, arguments, depression and turmoil.

The best way to avoid these entities is to fully protect yourself, every morning and also every night. Also learn how to use Ouija boards and other tools properly before going ahead and playing around with them.

There are many more different types of ghosts out there but now I will move on to how to use a ouija board the proper way.


How to use a Ouija Board Properly.

Before you even contemplate using a ouija board it is vital that you learn how to protect yourself properly and always remember the ouija board is NOT a game.

First and foremost, always protect yourself. Archangel Michael is the highest protector, so call him and your guides and ask them to surround you with the whitest, purest light of protection. Envision this light running through your body, through your head, shoulders, arms, fingertips, torso, back, legs, feet and toes. Every single part of your body is to be protected, once you are bathed in the white light, expand that light until you are in a cocoon..

Once you place your fingertip on the planchette, always ask who you are speaking with first, but be careful, this is the time the bad entities like to come and play mind games with you. Always ask whoever has come through if they are from the light, if they are not from the light they will leave and you will be left with spirits that are from the light. Do not be silly and ask questions about death. Only ask important questions that you are having issues within your life at the time.

Once the session is over, thank whoever has come through, place the planchette on the 'goodbye' and then once again do a full protection of yourself.


Ghost Hunting.

Ghost hunting can be fun, however, you once again need to protect yourself before going out and doing this. Ask Archangel Michael and your guides to surround you in the whitest protection of light, just like above with the ouija board use.

The best equipment to take is not always easy to obtain, like EMF detectors and thermal imaging equipment, and they can also be expensive. I find the best things to take with me is my digital camera and my voice recorder.

cemeteries are the most popular places to visit for ghost hunts and you will usually always get some image or recording. However, cemeteries can also attract bad entities, so protection is a must.

If you feel uneasy or scared for no reason, leave calmly and just try again another time. Ghost Hunting can take some patience so try not to be too disappointed if you get nothing at first.

You may get orbs on film, but orbs can be a number of things like balls of dust, rain or just a flying insect. There are, of course, some orbs that actually are balls of energy from spirits.

Genuine ghost photo's and real voice phenomena are excellent evidence to capture.

Voice recorders and digital camera's are easily found on ebay and are not overly expensive.

I hope this guide has helped you.

Love and Light


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