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Building a Model train or Model Railroad layout as some say can be a enjoyable project for all the family, It keeps the kids off the computer games and teaches them skills that will help them later in life, But why stop a plain track-work just nailed to a board it wont take much effort to turn your toy train set into a model railway empire in any scale! The most common scale in Australia is HO and there are plenty of Locos, rolling stock and detail items to choose from.  Other scales include Z, N, OO and O just to name a few. The Z and N are popular in Japan, In the UK OO is most popular, the USA is mostly HO but O scale enjoys a large following, They all however have people following the scale they like best in many locations around the world.  One of the most important parts of your model layout is the small details like a "stop" sign at the end of a road or some rail side junk along the line! This combined with weathering your details (Weathering is making your models look old, dirty or even rusty) will make the eye catching details that get visitors to your layout talking.  Some great inspiration can be found by searching "model diorama" on the internet or "Model trains" on U-tube. There are plenty of books and magazines on the subject.  For a look at some of my own work take a look at my Rails In Scale blog where you can find weathering tips, Model "how-to" info and plenty of inspirational suggestions and photos. The model train hobby has a large following world wide and in most cases a club you can join will be close by,  You can meet other like minded people, Talk to other club members to learn about your hobby, participate in club advents and above all have fun! Once you have chosen your scale there are an almost endless supply of models, Kits, Locomotives Rolling stock, Buildings and model accessories on ebay to choose from! It will also help to choose the era? 1960,s or modern day perhaps and a location...say NSW Australia or London England and your ready to get started....So what are you waiting for!! Get Started in a hobby that you can keep for life, a hobby for all ages and above all a hobby the whole family can take part in.
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