Givemore life to your SONY Playstation 3 (PS3) consoles

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Hi Ebayers,

As I had been facing lots of issues with my Playstation 3, I started digging a little bit more to know why this costly console is failing with lots of malfunctions. What I could find was that the basic airflow design within the unit is not adequate to flush hot air out of the console. Even though it is equiped with good quality torroidal cooling fan, the heat sensors most of the times fail because of component "baking" effect within the console. This later makes the cooling fan to keep on operate in lower speeds and then making the console more hotter and hotter, and later the next sensitive item which is the POWER SUPPLY UNIT (PSU) fails, after having its components baked within the power supply unit. Lesser efficient power supply and cooling system then leads to "baking" of system board components including processor chips causing YLOD (Yellow Light of Death).

To avoid it, I would like to advice all of my friends in Ebay to use an external cooling fan kit. Lots of convenient models are there within Ebay itself which will help you elevate the life of your PS3 to a more reasonable sustained working state. Keeping your PS3 cooler, makes you save money by not spending to repair it often as each repair can cost minimum of 200 to 300$$$. Buying a proper external cooling unit and keeping the PS3 in a more ventilated area will surely make your PS3 happy to live longer. So spend few cheaper dollars to add an external cooling unit connected to your PS3 rather than spending costly huge dollars to fix it..!!! Another point to note is that to keep the PS3 in a good ventilated place. If you install it inside a TV cabinet or entertainment cabinet (like a DVD player / VCR), your PS3 will start heating up very rapidly and then internal components gets overheated.

Also avoid playing PS3 for more than 3 to 4 hours within the same stretch of time (if you dont have additional external cooling fan kit fixed). This way you give your PS3 more "cooling off" period. If you have used your PS3 for nearly 4 hours time, then leave a minimum of an hour's time or more to get it cooled off before starting again. This way you can keep your PS3 in better shape - all the time!!

Thank you very much for reading my small advice to take care about your PS3 consoles. Hope this helps someone who is using PS3 for longer times, to preserve its genuine quality and functionality without any malfunctions..!!

Cheers... SURESH

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