Giving Your Kid Extra Work

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People seem either pro or negative about home work or extra school work.

Fine there are always individual experience that create opinions. Generally though kids of many year back that our now grandads and grandpa had the same attitude thus at them though it might not have been so public as communication was less international a an alot slower.

In the end a kid will do the work if the wnat when it is put in front of them, they might take thier time put it aside and do it later but they will do it if they want, making a kid do anything they do not want will generally make them remember it with a negative mind set. If this is what the parent of teach wants to install they should set home work , extra work and punish the kid for not doing it.

Get or encourage a child to do work for there own reasons and they will get a benefit.

So home work or extra school work should be focused around what kids like, eg maths in football or home to build a TV set, the angle in masks etc

 Have fun with education and your kids will even cutting an apple involves maths, Science and English if your make it fun



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