Glitz and Glamour: Cuts and Shapes of Rhinestones

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A narrow elongated rectangular-shaped faceted stone.


A round dome-shaped stone with a flat back, usually opaque or translucent.


A stone that has eight facets on top and eight facets on the bottom. The top is flat, and the bottom comes to a point. The flat top is named the table. The girdle is the place where the top and the bottom of the stone meet. The crown is the part of the stone that is above the girdle. The pavilion is the bottom part of the stone under the girdle. The culet is the point of the stone.

Cushion Cut

Rhinestones are not cut in this method. It is a term used for gemstones only.


A stone that is formed in a mold and then hand-cut. There are 18, 32, or 64 facets on the back and front of the stone, and light is refracted through the facets in the surface of the stone.

Emerald Cut

A square-cut stone with faceted edges.

Flat-back Rhinestone

The top of the stone is faceted, and the back is flat.

Marquis, Oval, or Navette

The stone is oval-shaped, there is a point on each side of the stone, and it has a flat top.

Mine Cut

A square stone with rounded corners, sometimed called a cushion shape.  Thirty-two crown facets and 24 pavilion facets with a table and a culet. Type of cut generally used for gemstones but on very rare occasions used for rhinestones.

Pear Cut

A teardrop-shaped stone.

Princess Cut

A square-cut stone, sometimes now known as a quadrillium or squarillion cut. Type of cut generally used for gemstones but on very rare occasions used for rhinestones.

Rose Cut

A flat-base stone with 24 triangular facets meeting at the top with a point.

Round Cut

See flat-back rhinestone.

Square Octagon Cut

See Emerald Cut.

Tapered Baguette

A narrow, elongated rectangular-shaped faceted stone that is largest at one end and then slims down toward the other end.

Triangle Cut

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