Go Kart Tyre Buying Guide

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Go Kart Tyre Buying Guide

Go karts are an incredibly popular diversion around the world. These small cars can drive on asphalt or dirt tracks at high speeds and are used for racing as well as for everyday fun. Since go-karting may be so competitive, there are different types of go karts as well as parts and accessories. One of the more important components of any go kart is the tyres. With the right tyres, a go kart may see a marked improvement in speed and handling.

One has the choice of different types of go kart tyres, and understanding the kinds of tyres available in the market makes the buying process much easier. It is also helpful to know how the tyres can be inflated. With the right information, one can purchase the right go kart tyres at a sporting goods shop or online via websites such as eBay.

Types of Go Kart Tyres

Go kart tyres are very similar to tyres used in regular vehicles. However, since go karts are typically meant for racing, tyre selection is extremely important. If the tyres are not suited to a track, a go kart may lose a race quickly. For this reason, many go kart owners buy multiple sets of tyres in order to meet the challenges of different tracks. It is not uncommon to see racers quickly swapping one set of tyres for another at the sign of rain clouds.


At first glance, slicks look like tyres meant for a children's car. Slicks have no tread whatsoever. However, serious racers understand the purpose of slicks. The lack of treads means that these tyres may hug a course and allow for extreme manoeuvrability. Slicks are meant for completely dry courses, as even a small quantity of water may cause the go kart to slip and slide. This can be extremely dangerous, aside from causing a go kart to perform poorly in a race.

Treaded Tyres

Treaded tyres look more like regular car tyres. Treaded tyres do not grip the course as well as slicks, but they do perform much better on wet surfaces. As is the case with car tyres, treaded go kart tyres comes in different varieties. Most of them are grooved, as the grooves allow the tyres to push aside water while maintaining a grip on the road.

Knobby or Studded Tyres

Knobby or studded tyres are less common tyres in go karts. While slicks and treaded tyres are meant to be used on asphalt, knobby and studded tyres are meant for off-roading. Many go kart races take place on dirt courses or courses that might even combine dirt and asphalt. The studs on knobby tyres help the go kart maintain a grip on rough and uneven surfaces.

Tubeless Tyres

Most go kart tyres use an inner tube, much like a regular car tyre. There are, however, some tyres that are tubeless. Tubeless tyres have some benefits over those with inner tubes. With an inner tube, there is always the potential that the tube might burst due to friction or heat. A blown tube may cause the tyre itself to burst, which can result in a severe accident. In a tubeless tyre, this is not an issue, as the tyre may simply deflate.

Go Kart Tyre Compounds

Go kart tyres are made from different materials. For the most part, these materials are meant to reduce wear and enhance the life of the tyre. Some tyres, however, are made with materials that are meant to grip a road better. Soft tyres are known to grip the road better than hard tyres, but they wear down much faster. Soft tyres are also typically used during warm weather and are therefore unsuitable for cold weather.

Go Kart Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure is an important aspect of buying and understanding the performance of go kart tyres. Air pressure makes a difference in how well a tyre grips the road, and it has an impact on go kart safety as well. Tyres that are underinflated or overinflated may burst and can cause damage and injuries. Tyres have an approved pressure range set by the manufacturer, but within that range is a pressure that is ideal, depending on the situation.

Changes in Tyre Pressure

Many factors affect tyre pressure. Temperature is one of the primary agents of pressure change. While the weather may play a big part in this, tyres also change temperature after being used. Tyres also see a change in temperature just after they are mounted, and it should stabilise after roughly six hours. Temperature and pressure changes cause physical changes in the tyre itself; some of the changes are listed in the chart below.

Pressure Condition

Physical Result in Tyre

High air pressure

Increased tyre diameter

Low air pressure

Decreased tyre diameter

Newly-mounted tyres

Slowly expanding diameter

Tyres run at high speeds

Increased tyre diameter

When buying go kart tyres, it is also important to consider the diameter of the tyres. A tyre's diameter is important because, as a tyre gets wider, the amount of contact it has with the track changes. As a general rule of thumb, tyres with lower air pressure have better grip on the track.

Responding to Different Conditions

Go kart racers need to respond to different conditions quickly. In some cases, this means replacing the tyres entirely, but in others, it means adjusting the tyre pressure to compensate. An example might be changes in atmospheric temperature. As the air gets warmer or colder, it is a good idea to compensate. Warm temperatures increase air pressure in tyres, so lowering it to adjust is helpful. Low temperatures and wet conditions may be combated with an increase in pressure. In case of oversteering or understeering, the driver may change the pressure on one or more tyres in order to create better balance.

How to Buy Go Kart Tyres on eBay

Go karts, along with tyres and other accessories, are available on eBay. The diverse assortment of sellers and the wide variety of products available means that it is relatively easy for potential buyers to find the right tyres for their go karts. In order to locate go kart tyres, the search bar on any eBay web page is always a useful tool. It is simply a matter of typing a search term, such as 'go kart tyres', into the search bar and examining the results.

Those who have a specific brand in mind or who want a certain size of tyres may add those details to the search term. Before making a purchase, it is helpful to read the product description, from which one can learn more about the tyres. This is especially important if one is buying the tyres in used condition.


Go karts offer lot of fun and are a great hobby for enthusiasts. Although many components of a go kart are important, tyres sit near the top of the list. Tyres are the part of the go kart that touch the road, and tyres make a big difference in how a go kart performs, particularly during races. Different types of tyres for go karts are available, and each type is intended for a different set of conditions.

Many go kart enthusiasts actually have several sets of tyres available so that they can respond to changes in weather. It is also helpful to know how pressure affects go kart tyres, as this makes a difference in how the tyres perform. With a solid understanding of the types of tyres that are better suited for specific types of go karts, finding great deals on tyres becomes much easier. eBay can help in this process, thanks to its wide-ranging selection of both go karts as well as accessories for go karts.

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