Going to Italy? Have your own Italian GSM phone number!

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Save money on receiving and doing Phone Calls with your GSM Mobile Phone!

No charge in Italy for any incoming calls, even overseas calls.


The prepaid SIM card for Italy is easily the least expensive solution for making and receiving cellular phone calls while you are in Italy. ALL incoming calls, regardless of their origin, are free. Outgoing rates are the least expensive alternative: an order of magnitude less than using roaming with a U.S. carrier. And since these cellular phone cards are prepaid, there is no need for a contract. The card has 5.00 Euro credit on it and is good until one year from the first call, completely ready for use upon arrival in Italy after owner registration (please see details below).


This card is issued by the Italian cell phone company "TIM", the largest cell network in the country. Reception is outstanding. This SIM card, like all country specific SIM cards, can only be used with unlocked GSM cellular phones.


FREE incoming calls - always!
Low rates within Italy and overseas
An Italian cellular phone number
Talk time worth 5.00 Euro
SMS service
Call transfer
Call waiting
Free Voicemail
No yearly contract, monthly charges or credit check

Registration - Activation

This SIM card is Brand New and must be registered and activated.

If you want I proceed with SIM Card registration, I'll need your Date,Place,Nation of birth and a copy of your passport (compressed by email or via FAX [I'll tell you the number after eBay checkout]).
The SIM card provides you with your own Italian phone number for anyone to call you (number is marked on the SIM card).

Adding Talk Time

Additional minutes can be easily added in denominations of 5, 25 and 50 Euros. Recharge time can be purchased by purchasing a RICARICard at Centro Tim or Telefonino store or a tobacco or magazine kiosk, or any other store that displays the "RICARICard" logo. The tobacco shops are ubiquitous in Italy and I had no problem finding recharge cards during my trip. After buying a RICARICard, scratch off the silver colored scratch off area exposing the recharge code, then call 4916 from your cell phone and follow the prompts:
2 for the main menu
1 to enter the recharge option
1 for the RICARICard recharge option
Then enter the 16 digit code that you previously exposed.

If you have any problem recharging your card, ask a local to help you - most Italians are very familiar with this recharge method!

Service Life

Each recharge extends the validity of the SIM card for 12 months from the date of the recharge plus one month in which you may only receive calls, even with expired airtime. If you do not load your card within a 12 month period, the SIM card and accompanying phone number will expire.


You can select from various TIM calling plans depending but the basic plan is:

Unlimited FREE incoming calls from anywhere
Domestic (within Italy): as low as .15 Euro cents per minute
To U.S.: .50 Euro cents per minute

Phone Compatibility This SIM card will work with any GSM phone that works in Italy (900 or 1800 MHz GSM bands). You must make sure your phone is "unlocked". If your GSM phone is locked, there are services and sometimes instructions online for how to unlock them.

Country specific SIM cards such as this one are only sold in the home country, Italy in this case, to residents of that country. The rates charged are MUCH less than any roaming service, usually by a factor of 10 or more. If you plan on making even a few calls while in Italy, this card will pay for itself within a day or two.

More Information
For more information about these Italy SIM cards, see: www.privati.tim.it/eng/

Super reception! TIM is the largest cell carrier in Italy.
Have your own Italian GSM phone number to give out before you go.
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